Logitech Zone 900 Headset Review

The truth is that I have not had the opportunity to test too many specific headsets for “office”, to call it something. I understand that with the rise of video conferencing this last year, brands are getting their act together when it comes to this type of peripheral, and Logitech was not going to be left behind, as one of the best brands of video conferencing devices. industry audio. On this occasion, we find the Logitech Zone 900, over-ear headphones that ensure spectacular sound clarity, and high-fidelity connectivity, and also have an intelligent microphone that has left me amazed.

There is little to say that is not known, regarding Logitech in the field of audio. Different ranges of products for different types of use, and a range of prices for all budgets.

In this case, we are dealing with a product that is clearly premium audio for the office or teleworking. Let’s see how it goes!

Things we like

  • Superb-quality sound.
  • Very easy to pair with my pc and phone
  • Can be folded up into the bag provided
  • Quite lightweight

Things we don’t like

  • Very uncomfortable. It feels like there is a piece of plastic pressing against each ear with no cushioning.
  •  It’s quite expensive

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Price and Availability

The headphone come with a Black colour variant and it is price $199.99. If you want to buy than go to company’s official website(logitech.com).

Box Content

Logitech Zone 900

Continuing with the packaging, they have chosen to make everything out of cardboard. They following a guideline of respect for the environment, minimizing the use of plastic. And they have done it very well, everything is said, at no time do we lose the feeling of a premium product. And we are not going to fool ourselves either, in an office most of the boxes of consumer products and packaging of work tools end up being recycled, they are not collector’s items as in other areas.

The content of the box is as follows:

  • Logitech Zone 900 Headset
  • Zone 900 Receiver USB Receiver (USB-A connection. Compatible with Unifying)
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • USB-C to USB-A Adapter/Dongle
  • Transport or storage case

And although it appears in the promotional images, it must be made clear that it does not include any Qi wireless charging pad, you will have to purchase it separately. Luckily they can be found very cheap nowadays.

Logitech Zone 900 Review: Design

When I received the package from Amazon, I didn’t expect it to be the headphones. Since the package weighs absolutely nothing 😅. And yes, as expected from my initial surprise, the helmets weigh super little.

Ergonomically Logitech Zone 900 work very well, especially due to their low weight. They are quite comfortable to wear, and the pads are good and soft enough. That they are gray goes well in the aspect of seeing them dirty. Many headphones have a tendency to make them in black, and since they are leatherette-style in the part that comes into contact with the ear, the oil generated by the ears when we remove the headphones is quite noticeable. I have to say that in this gray it is less noticeable, it gives less of a bad effect when we take them off. The headband part also goes with a bit of cushioning on the top of the head, slightly different, and somewhat harder.

Unlike the vast majority of headband headphones on the market, when we want to expand or decrease the size to fit our head… it’s not the headband that expands or contracts. In this case, the headband is always fixed, it is the headphones that slide around the headband to adapt. And that is why the cable is visible, in the most extended mode (larger head format, so that we understand each other) the cable is straight without doublets. Quite a design curiosity, resolved in a very ingenious way.

As for the headphones themselves, they are completely sober and minimalist in design. One of the headphones does not have any buttons, it is absolutely minimal. This is because the entire surface is used as a contact wireless charging point, so it is normal for this to be the case. The other earpiece has all the function buttons and the rotating microphone with an axis is in the center of the earpiece.

Touch controls

And I am not referring to the left or right earpiece, since these headphones allow us to wear them however we want since the controls are strategically placed in a vertical format, and the microphone can pivot completely forwards or backward. So if we prefer to have the microphone and controls on the left or right, we simply put on the headphones according to our taste. A very ingenious solution and for all audiences, I liked it 👍

Continuing with the controls, we can say that Logitech Zone 900 have the usual and expected of any pair of headphones worth their salt. As a detail, I like that the + and the – have relief since they can be located very easily by touch. It is also curious that raising and lowering the volume is a little stepped. That is, one touch raises or lowers the volume quite a bit (6 steps, in Windows).

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Logitech Zone 900

The Logitech Zone 900 are capable of working with any Bluetooth device without further ado. For example, pairing with an Android phone has been trivial and very fast, as has paired with an iPad. The first time a “Power On, 6 hours left” sounded when I turned them on.

But with a good view, Logitech offers a USB stick in the set, the Zone 900 Reciever. In Windows it is just like plugging it in, everything is configured by itself, and it is not necessary to pair even the headphones. When you turn them on, you can already hear the phrase “Dongle and Bluetooth connected”. I say very good for including them since in office environments not all PCs have Bluetooth connections. In addition, it is compatible with Logitech’s own Unifying technology, so with a single USB plug, we can use the keyboard, mouse, and headphones (as long as they are of the same brand and compatible).

As an additional feature of the USB stick, it lights up white when the headphones are pair. A little detail to know that everything is going well. At the coverage level, I have tested the headphones at home in teleworking mode, and I have been able to move through *almost* the entire house without losing the audio signal. Only in the most remote parts has it begun to choke. So I can rate the signal strength very positively.

Logitech Zone 900 Review: Logi Tune Feature Highlights:

  • Visually have the battery status on the screen (at 20% it notifies us of low battery) and if the micro is active or not
  • Change the prompt voice between English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese. I still don’t like him in ES, he speaks too slowly and I prefer to have him in EN. It can also be turned off entirely.
  • Manual 5-way equalizer -> Although I really like them as standard, we can always give it a little extra bass
  • Sidetone volume (the volume of our own voice in conversations)
  • Update the firmware of the headphones
  • Add other Unifying devices
  • Change the functions of the central button of the headset (single press, double press, long press)
  • Self-diagnosis of the headset (with log for the IT department)
  • Time before going into suspension
  • Connection priority (stable vs quality)
  • See the devices to which the headset is currently paired

It must be said that Logitech allows you to download an MSI file. So that system administrators can modify and install Logi Tune massively. Also manage rules and roles administration, etc… Let’s go, the IT department will be happy with these functions. And to finish this section, I want to take the opportunity to comment on a couple of additional functions of the headphones.

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Logitech Zone 900 Review: Sound Quality

Logitech Zone 900

The first thing I did was check how my music sounded, and I can say that the first impression was fantastic!

The quality of voices and media is spectacular. Everything is clear and sharp in songs with vocal predominance. I’ve even noticed subtle echo effects on vocals in songs that I’ve never noticed until now.

Now going on to my usual test of headphones in the specific playlist, I will tell you how they behave in certain songs and genres.


Good stereo positioning on “Island in The Sun” by Weezer, super clear mids and guitar. They continue to comply perfectly in the “high” part

If we go towards a “dirty” and distorted rock like “Take me out” or “Do You Want To” by Franz Ferdinand. They maintain their composure as if nothing had happened.

And if we approach something with a lot of bass and pounding guitar like in “You got a problem without knowing it” or “Radio Rebelde” from The Baboon Show, they also survive without problems. Oh and brilliantly separating voice from instruments, some headphones suffer a lot with this.


Lagwagon, Bad Religion, The Offspring, Geen Day, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Halloween, Paramore… all right! Once again, the emphasis in the media on voices does these genres a great favor. And everything that is ballads, they sound especially good.


As a good geek, I always try two great songs: “The Empire Strikes Back” and the “Imperial March” (performed by the London Symphony Orchestra). Very good for these songs, we can differentiate all the instruments and their location in space. Chills also with the main theme of Star Trek, the next generation 😉

With more “simple” things with leading solo instruments, such as “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”, by Ryuichi Sakamoto… one tear from how well they play 👌


Jamiroquai is a classic. For my taste, they lack a little bass (still and equalizing in V) to give more forcefulness and contrast. But it’s just that with such good midrange and treble sharpness in “Virtual Insanity”, I’m satisfy.

“Get Lucky” by Daft Punk: very good resolution in all respects. If we equalize a bit, we can make it sound spectacular (just like the whole album, come on)

Even so, putting the basses to the test with a specific song like “Super Sonic” by Nulbarich, they behave somewhat better in this regard.


I have gone through Safri Duo, Beni Benassi, Anamanaguchi, Eurobeat, chiptune. In general, I have tried a little of everything within this broad spectrum. Personally they lack punch, forcefulness in the bass for my taste. It has to be said that I’m a bit of a “bass wh*re” because of that, hahaha. But come on, in the genres where you really expect your head to rumble with the bass, they fall a bit short there. Of course, all perfectly enjoyable and it is probably more personal preference than anything else.


I guess your default settings are mainly for voices for the video conferencing part and such. Therefore, any genre in which the voice is the protagonist will work great for you. Very happy with the overall music quality!

By the way, if you stream music, even if you have the stream quality at maximum, in many cases you will appreciate the compression defects with these Zone 900.

Active Noise Cancelling

Then Logitech Zone 900 have the issue of ANC, active noise cancellation. With a button on the back of the headset, we can activate or deactivate it. It is something that I would not even know if it works, the truth is that I do not notice a difference between having it active or not. And I guarantee that I know what I’m talking about since, in other headsets that I have, it’s incredible how well it works and how big the difference is.


We can mute the microphone in two different ways. One is by raising the mast of this and placing it vertically, parallel to the headband (we will have it notified by the headphones themselves by voice). Or if it is to mute temporarily, the microphone has a button on the side near the tip. That also serves as a temporary mute.

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Logitech Zone 900 Review: Conversation Quality

This is the point where these headphones fail, but it is still due to a technological limitation of the Bluetooth protocol. And currently, it is inevitable … I explain:

Without getting into technicalities, BT has limited bandwidth. And the amount of information that can be sent on these wireless connections is low. The solution so far is to send the audio compressed using different codecs (each with its advantages and disadvantages). Currently, It must be said that we are already at a good point in terms of sound quality. Also for music it is going very well. Latency and other issues have not yet been optimally resolve with this technology.

The problem comes when we want to send and receive a sound at the same time, and we also want it to be with a low delay (aka: make calls and video calls in real-time). Currently, Bluetooth 5 does not give enough bandwidth to be able to do this in high-quality conditions. The only solution is to compress the audio more, to make it “fit” in that width that we will use bidirectionally, reducing the quality.

That being the case, and even more so if we compare it with the great quality of these headphones when listening to music, the sound quality in voice calls is a bit sad. Without being able to assess it numerically, we are facing a “WhatsApp audio” quality, so that we understand each other. Yes, it is generally enough to talk… but this sound quality is very low if we compare it with the musical one.

How long the battery life of the Logitech Zone 900?

You can get up to 14 hours of battery life. Battery life (talk time): 14 hours ANC on, 15 hours ANC off. Battery life (listening time): 14 hours ANC on, 16 hours ANC off. on a full charge. Thus, you can stay connected—whether calls last longer, or your music-fuel head time is short. Charge wired via USB-A to C cable or go wireless with Qi charging4 wireless charger. Which is sold separately. Enjoy another 1 hour of playback with just a 5-minute charge.

How do you connect the Logitech Zone 900?

Logitech Zone 900

The Logitech Zone 900 wireless come with a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity with massive 30m range. As a result, you can wirelessly connect to other device like smart-phone, tablets, PCs and iOS. Along with Bluetooth, it also come with a Bluetooth multipoint connectivity. Which means you can use Bluetooth or the Zone 900 Unifying + Audio Receiver to connect to your computer, tablet and smartphone. Switch between them seamlessly at will. 30 m (100 ft) wireless range5 Reliable connection up to 10 m from mouse and keyboard and up to 30 m from headset. Provides freedom to roam while staying connected.


The Logitech Zone 900 are headphones that a priori deceive. When looking at medium/small headphones with a driver that isn’t too big, and so light… it’s easy to quickly think that they could be ordinary

But far from appearances, these headphones are the real deal when it comes to listening to music. They perform great in just about every genre of music you can throw at them. If your priority is music in the office and when teleworking, I can highly recommend them. If it is for office use in general in video calls and conversations, they are good. But I have to put an asterisk there.

What I liked the least is the noise cancellation part, the ANC. It is that there is no difference between having it active and deactivating it. It is true that the ear pads themselves work quite well as passive noise isolation. But it is a functionality that is important to have and that it works as it should in a noisy environment. If you telework, well, nothing happens since it is not essential at home either (unless the neighbor does construction). But in the office… note that it is important that it works with the noise that is sometimes generate.

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Which alternative is best for the Logitech Zone 900?

 If you don’t have a budget issue than consider buying Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphone. The Headphone enhanced by Apple W1 cheap. Which brings seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices. So, you can easily move about, keep the music going, and stay productive all day. The Holistic design is light-weight, durable and comfortable. The headphone come with a up to 22 hours of listening time with sensitive touch controls. Moreover, it get Class 1 Bluetooth® via the Apple W1 chip, providing seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices, with extended range and fewer dropouts.

But, if you have a budget issue than JLAB Studio Pro ANC is great option to buy. The headphone comes with an ultimate over-ear headphone experience with four noise control modes and Smart Active Noise Canceling. Moreover, it also has ultra-comfortable with Form-Fit™ Earcups, plush Cloud Foam™ cushions and the adjustable headband. The Studio Pro ANC has an amazing 45+ hours of playtime and custom EQ3 sound without an app. Further, it has a 600mAh rechargeable battery  and 450 hours of standby time.

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Comparison between LOGITECH ZONE 900 vs H800 vs H600 Headsets

LOGITECH ZONE 900 H800  H600
ANC (active noise cancelation)YesNo No
Noise-canceling mic
Yes (Dual MEMS)Yes (Uni-directional)Yes (Uni-directional)
ConnectionsUSB-A, USB-C, BluetoothUSB-A, BluetoothUSB-A
Multipoint BluetoothYesNo No
Audio driver size32 mm32 mm30 mm
Qi wireless charging enabled
Customize with Mobile PC appYesNoNo

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