KZ AS16 Pro headset with stunning design

The KZ is better known for it’s stunning design quality. Lately, the company launched it’s latest wired headset the KZ AS16 Pro. However, the headset come with a perfectly balanced design and framework. It come with a total 8 BA frequency, which covers the sound range of low, medium and high frequencies. Moreover, the headset also features 18Ω impedance and 114dB±3dB sensitivity. Let’s find out what other special features available in this headset?

KZ AS16 Pro: Price and Availability

KZ AS16 Pro come with a three color variants such as Black, Cyan and Blue. It is priced $89.99. Moreover, you can buy this headset from company’s official website

KZ AS16 Pro: Specifications

Product modelKZ AS16 Pro
Earphone typeBA IEM
Pin Type0.75mm
Plug Type3.5mm
Cable Length120±5cm

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KZ AS16 Pro: Box Content

KZ AS16 Pro
  • KZ AS16 Pro
  • Cable 3.5mm
  • 3x paired of Ear tips
  • Quick Guide

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KZ AS16 Pro: In details

The Ergonomic design does not give much load on your ear

KZ AS16 Pro

The Headset offers light weight and ergonomic design. The balance, detail, speed and versatility are the things I found in this headset. In like manner, the AS16 Pro wired headset is very easy for wearing and give a fair amount of passive sound isolation. However, for better wearing comfort, the headset come with a three pair of ear tips: small, medium and large. You have to choose whatever is best for you. Overall, the design is absolutely classy, and Just seeing it once made me want to buy it. Although, it missing IP ratings of water and sweat resistance. As a result, you can not use this headset while swimming or running or during raining outside.

8 BA units on each side Flagship-level configuration

KZ AS16 Pro

KZ AS16 Pro come with a total 8 BA frequency, which covers the sound range of low, medium and high frequencies. However, the overall frequency response range is as high as 20Hz-40000Hz. Which bring markedly auditory effects.

  • 2X Low Frequency BA: It brings mellow low frequency with good dynamic performance.
  • 2X Medium Frequency BA: Which makes vocals and instruments sound clear
  • 4x High Frequency BA: Which gives strong resolution and good add on.

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2 pin changeable interface design: Unlock more collocations

KZ AS16 Pro

Furthermore, the headset can give 2 pin interface connection to improve the playability of the KZ AS16 Pro. A 2-pin headphone is a model that has foldable cables with 2-pin connectors. Comparatively, there are two types of main 2-pin connectors: 0.75mm and 0.78mm. Sometimes they are compatible and swap-able between each other. But, on other occasions, a 0.75mm cable will not fit on 0.78mm earphones and vice versa.

Break the routine and dare to innovate

Generally , KZ AS16 Pro made differently from the standard earphones. It has built in low frequency unit, which is composed of two 22955 BA. As a result, you can get double energy output.

Three-channel professional conduit structure: Re-optimized sound path

KZ AS16 Pro

Nonetheless, the AS16 Pro come with a wide and accurate airflow and flow rate of each channel. In addition, the headset offers modern 3D printing industrial technology. Which helps to reach the purpose of correctly bring high stability and also reliable sound.

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Sophisticated electronic frequency division: The Tri-band connection is smooth and bright

KZ AS16 Pro

Not to mention, the Standard three-way design accurately calculates the frequency connection of each balanced armature.

Advanced metal inlay resin process

KZ AS16 Pro

Moreover, the headset made with a fusion of Diamond cutting elements and metal plastic lamination technology. Due to this you can creates a double feast of texture and look. However, those who love the design will surely buy this headset no matter the high price.

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Golden acoustic solution: Bring Hi-Fi to your ears

KZ AS16 Pro

The hardware carries technology, and the tuning gives a soul. We believe that a sound that users widely recognize is a good sound. The cornerstone of AS16’s good reputation will finally bring you a new presentation of AS16 Pro.

High purity braided silver-plated cable: Add points to the sound

KZ AS16 Pro

Finally, the surface of the high purity OFC core is offset with silver layer. Which usefully reduces the stand value and signal carry loss.

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