Philips TAPH805BK ANC Wireless Headphones Review

Philips TAPH805BK

Philips is one of the largest corporations that deal in electronic products and have a major interest in lighting, audio and healthcare products. The Philips TAPH805BK is a headset that is recently released and is targeted towards common masses, as it is a closed-back active noise cancelling wireless headset featuring Hi-res audio, Philips tuned 40mm neodymium acoustic drivers, touch controls, digital voice assistant and rapid charging.

However, the price of this headset makes it a very attractive product compared to the competition especially if we take a look at the features this headset boasts. But everything sounds good on paper, let’s get to the nitty-gritty and see if the PH805BK lives up to its hype or not, Shall we?

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Things we likeThings we don’t like
Good buildANC is not so good
Powerful yet controlled Missing IP ratings for water and sweat proof
Clear output with punchy bassLacks Multi-connectivity
Good battery life
Value For Money

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Philips TAPH805BK: Box Content

Philips TAPH805BK

Starting with box content, you will get the Quick start Guide and warranty card in the box. To add on, you will get a small USB Type-C charging cable, and USB Type-A To micro-USB cable. Also, you will get a Philips TAPH805BK Headphone and Airplane Headphone Adapter. This are available in Black color variants.

Philips TAPH805BK: Design and Built Quality

Philips TAPH805BK

Philips TAPH805BK comes with a smooth and much reliable looks. The headphone looks simply amazing once you put them on and hugely enhance the personality of the users. The headphone has similar shape and size as the Shure AONIC 40 wireless headphone. However, the build quality of the headphones is quite impressive for the price but still, most of the material in the headset is plastic. which is why you will have to bear the squeaking and creaking sounds here and there.

The Philips TAPH805BK is a largely delightful pair of Bluetooth headphones to use. The headband comes with a metal frame inside and the outer surface covered with a leather to give comfort for longer hours. The joint between the headband and ear cups are very comfortable and adjustable too. Along with the headband, the carrying case also very sturdy and durable.

Moreover, the ear buds are rotate through 180 degree to fit comfortably into the carrying case. Moreover, they are not much of a fingerprint magnet as you might expect, but it’s nice. I can wear this for hours before the pain starts in my ears, although after a few hours the skin gets warm. The same can’t be said about the headband: it’s made of stiff, grippy plastic that stretches my hair. Soft ear-cup cushions cover your whole ear, creating a seal that passively isolates external noise.

In addition, the PH805BK wireless headphone lacks the IP ratings for water, dust and sweat resistance. Which means you could not wear them during swimming or running or while raining outside. They should stay in place during workouts and casual listening sessions. If you need that reassurance, you’ve got to pay more money for Sony or Jabra headphones.

Philips TAPH805BK: Comfort

As we discuss earlier, the PH805BK wireless headphone come with an adjustable headband. Which gives so much comfort while wearing the headphone for longer hours. Moreover, the headphone weighs about 0.834 kg in total, which is not the lightest in the market but would not feel bulky at all, which is a good thing. Notably, on my first impression, I thought the PH805BK would not be comfortable due to its bulky design. In reality, after using them for a while, the earbuds turned out to be very comfortable. You can easily use them for 3-4 hours without worrying about ear fatigue at all.

Moreover, this headphone nicely adjusted into your ear and offer a nice secure fit. Which adds a decent amount of noise isolation to them. The touch controls are nicely placed and can be easily accessed whenever needed. I will also like to mention that these controls are super responsive and work pretty well. Let’s see how this touch controls work?

How the touch controls are work in Philips PH805BK?

The touch controls are pretty reliable and simple. However, the left ear cup only gives a micro USB port for charging, On the contrary, all the rest of the functions are carried through the right ear cup. Meanwhile, there is a 2.5mm port on the right ear cup, along with two LED status indicators and a button that can be moved left or right as well apart from the regular press.

Turn the headphones on.Power buttonPress and hold for 3 seconds.
Turn the headphones o.Power buttonPress and hold for 3 seconds. (The blue LED is on and fades out)
Music control
Play or pause music.Power buttonPress once
Adjust volume.Touch Control PanelSwipe up/ Swipe down
Next track.Power buttonPush down
Previous trackPower buttonPush up
Call control
Pick up/ hang up a callPower buttonPress once
Reject call.Power buttonPress twice
Answer new call during a callPower buttonPress once
Reject new call during a call.Power buttonPress twice
Hang up the current call and active the other callPower buttonPress once
Switch call when answered two callsPower buttonPress twice
Switch phone and headphone when on a callPower buttonPress twice
ANC control and Voice Assistance
ANC ON /OFF/ Ambient soundTouch Control PanelTAP once
Wake up the default voice assistantTouch Control PanelCover & Hold 2 seconds

Download Manual here: User Manual

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Philips TAPH805BK: Sound quality

Philips TAPH805BK come with a 40mm speaker to increase the sound profile. As a result, the headphone offers a balanced, deep and effective sound. The frequency response stays somewhat close to our house curve, though there are some deviations worth hashing out.

Frequency response isn’t just about whether there’s too much bass, mid, or treble coming out of a system. Still, it can also more subtly affect the tone and balance of instruments within a track, potentially coloring and even ruining our listening experience. However, a perfectly flat, ideal response isn’t possible with every component, but today’s higher-end technology can certainly come close enough that a human could never tell.

Lows, mids, and highs

Music of pretty much all genres should sound pretty nice coming out of the Philips TAPH805BK . The gently emphasized bass and low mids mean that instruments like drums and bass guitar should offer a satisfying oomph, without drowning out vocals. The under-emphasis in high range sounds from 1-3kHz means that the sounds of some strings and cymbals may be a little harder to hear though.

In 1am Funk Dance Party by Scary Pockets, the drums and groovy bass really take center stage, driving the momentum of the song. However, while both these elements come through really prominently, they don’t overshadow the rhythm guitar strumming or the lead guitar. In addition, hi-hat hits and the sounds of the shakers get a little lost in the mix as the intensity of the song builds.

Philips TAPH805BK: Noise Cancellation/Isolation

Let’s talk about the most important features of this headphone the Active Noise Cancelling. From my point of view, it is one of the cheapest headphones that provide active noise cancellation, yet no compromise in sound quality. In contrast, we already discuss that the passive noise cancellation of the headphones is pretty good. You can barely hear the outside noise even at low volume with ANC off.

However, ANC tries to improve things further. It does create a good difference but the competition for this headset is too strong. Which eventually makes them a bit pale in comparison with headphones like Bose and Apple. Moreover, there are many hidden microphones in each of the ear cups for active noise cancellation. Which record the noise in real-time and then the headphones generate the waves of similar amplitude but opposite in phase. That effectively cancelling out the environmental noise. We also came across a slight problem with the ANC that the headphones must have a proper seal for the ANC to work or you would suffer from utter distortion.

Philips TAPH805BK: Connectivity

Philips TAPH805BK

Philips TAPH805BK is a wireless headset that comes with Bluetooth 5 connectivity, which means that you will be able to play hi-res audio directly from the sources. Bluetooth 5 is only found in modern headsets and the previous versions were not able to provide this level of quality and efficiency.

The wireless headphone come with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity option. Which means you can connect this headphone through wireless with other devices like TV, PCs, smartphones, etc. Further, with Bluetooth, you will be able to play hi-res audio directly from the sources. The headphone missing the Bluetooth multi-point connectivity. Which means you could not connect two devices at the same time.

Apart from wireless connectivity, Philips TAPH805BK provides a proprietary 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm cable, which can be inserted into the right ear cup. After that, you can use the headphones in wired mode with any of your audio sources. This cable is owned, which means that you will not be able to replace it if gets broken and you will have to buy the same cable from the manufacturer itself.

Philips TAPH805BK: Battery life

For travelling option, these headphones are up to mark. A single charge gives you about 2 hours. The battery of the Philips TAPH805BK offers 30 hours playtime with Active Noise Cancelling off. On the contrary, you will get 25 hours of playtime with ANC On. Moreover, in our testing, we found the headphone offers around 27 hours of playtime with ANC off and 23 hours with it on. In addition, two levels of fast charging–Rapid Charge and Quick Charge–give you an extra 2 or 6 hours play time.  So you can keep listening Monday to Friday, and beyond.


After the whole, Philips TAPH805BK is a beautiful headset compare to design. Moreover, the comfort levels of the headset are great, thanks to the thick padding in the headband and the earpads. The build quality of the headphones is on par with the price tag, however, it doesn’t feel like it would break down any time soon. The design of the headphones makes them greatly portable, as the ear cups can be rotate by up to 180 degrees and can be folded as well. Overall, the noise isolation capabilities of the headphones are quite impressive for the price, although there are better offerings if you don’t care about the budget. In short, it is best headphone with ANC and budget friendly.

What alternative is best against the Philips PH805BK?

However, if you don’t have a budget issue than consider to buy Sony INZONE H9. The headphone offers a Dual Noise Sensor Technology. Moreover, with Ambient Sound Mode, you can play your game and still hear important sounds like phone calls, doorbells, or someone speaking to you in your environment. The headphone also features 360 spatial audio, 40mm dome type drivers, Bluetooth 5.1 and SBC/AAC audio codec. In addition, it has 360 surround sound and INZONE hub software. Let’s what additional special features this headset offers. On the whole, it is perfect alternative to the Philips PH805BK headphone.

JLAB Studio Pro ANC is another good one against the Philips TAPH805BK. However, the headphone comes with an ultimate over-ear headphone experience with four noise control modes and Smart Active Noise Canceling. Moreover, it also has ultra-comfortable with Form-Fit™ Earcups, plush Cloud Foam™ cushions and the adjustable headband. The Studio Pro ANC has an amazing 45+ hours of playtime and custom EQ3 sound without an app. Further, it has a 600mAh rechargeable battery  and 450 hours of standby time.

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