Leaf DOTS 2 TWS Earbuds Review


Recently, Leaf India introduced the DOTS 2 True Wireless, a new TWS built specifically for fitness enthusiast and athletes. It boasts a secure and adaptable fit with premium and light weight design material. Moreover, it come with a stereo call support and Noise cancelling mic to make your calls as seamless as possible. At Rs.1,799 the Leaf DOTS 2 has a lot of serious competition, and let’s see if it can live up to the challenge.

Things we likeThings we don’t like
Good audio quality
Plastic feels sub-par
Excellent quality during callsMissing ANC
Good battery lifeLacks Audio codecs
Lots of customizability for on-board controlsNot includes Bluetooth multi-connectivity
IPXR water resistance

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Price and Availability

he Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbuds come with a Carbon Black color. It is price Rs.1,799. You can Buy this headset from company’s official website leafstudios.in.

Who should have to buy this headset?

  • These new earbuds are specially built for fitness enthusiast and athletes.
  • Also, it is best for those who want a low-cost budget friendly earbuds with IPX4 water resistance feature.

Box Content

  • Headset
  • Charging case
  • Type-c charging cable
  • User Guide

Leaf DOTS 2: Design


The Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbuds look similar to the Sennheiser CX. Both come with a plastic charging case with a rectangular design with rounded corners and edges. The charging case has a matte finish, which means no fingerprints or smudges. And has a company’s logo on top. The USB-C charging port is housed behind the case.

Moreover, four small notification LED is in the front for the charging status. However, the earbuds are held with a magnet inside the case. The design of the slots makes it easy to slip the earbuds in.

Moving on to the earbuds, they are a bit large and ergonomic shape, when compared to the competition. It is an in-ear style earbud with no stem and has all the components inside the head unit itself. The exterior of the earbud has the same matte plastic finish as the charging case.

Furthermore, there is a microphone hole on each earbud which offer a crystal clear voice during voice calls. Overall, the earbuds is very good for sound and design.

The fit of the Leaf DOTS 2 truly wireless earbuds was comfortable in my ear. The earbuds are also quite snug, which is important and ensures that the earbuds don’t fall out easily. In addition, the earbuds are IPX4 rated, which should mean they can survive water splashes and sweat. Overall, the earbuds have a reasonably good design and comfortable fit.

How good is the touch controls of the Leaf DOTS 2?

The connection with other devices process is quite simple – take the earbuds out of the case, hold both the touchpads for 3 seconds, and it should show up in the menu of your Bluetooth device. Unfortunately, there is no physical button on the case, there is no option to factory reset the earbuds. You’ll need to use the companion smartphone app to perform a factory reset. To be sure, i tested the Leaf DOTS 2 with the OnePlus 9 Pro and Macbook Air, and my experience with them was good. To customize the settings, users need to install the Smart Control app.

Leaf DOTS 2 comes with a loaded functionalities which you can use to controls music.
Single Tap On MFBPlay or Pause/ Answer calls
Double Tap on MFB On R SideVolume Up
Double Tap on MFB On L SideVolume Down
Long Tap MFB On R SideNext Song
Long Tap MFB On L SideLast Song
Triple Tap MFBActivate Siri/ Goole Assistance
Long Tap MFB for 2 SecondsReject Calls
Short Tap MFBEnd Calls

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Leaf DOTS 2: Smart control app

The app enables users to customize to any supported function, which is highly convenient. Further, the app offers more features, such as an equalizer, where you can create custom presets or choose from built-in presets.

However, there is a feature called Sound Check, where you can set up a custom sound setting. The app also allows you to toggle in-ear detection, toggle auto-accept calls, update the firmware, and it shows you which Bluetooth profile is currently being used.

Also, the innovative Adaptable Acoustic function lets users select from open or closed ear adapters and adjust EQ settings to create the ideal personalized training sound.

Leaf DOTS 2: Connectivity


The Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbuds connect via Bluetooth 5.1 wireless connection. Which means you can connect wirelessly via other devices such as smartphones, PCs, TVs and iOS. Sadly, the DOTS 2 wireless earbud does not support any audio codec. As a result, you can feel little unbalanced sound while listen for longer hours. in addition, the Bluetooth range is rated at 10m, and during my review, the connection was good, and I did not notice any connection drops.

Leaf DOTS 2: Sound

Talking about the sound, Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbud is powered by a unique 6mm dynamic and offers a quite balanced across the frequency range. The bass is noticeable, but it is not very overpowering, which is quite common in Leaf products.

The mid-frequencies have a good amount of clarity and the trebles, on the hand, are clear and bright. They also get pretty loud in my opinion and at higher volumes, the earbuds sound significantly better. Furthermore, the sound stage is good for in-ear wireless earphones, with decent separation of instruments and voice.

In reality, the audio quality is fine for the price, and it is slightly better than the competition. Also, there is the ability to customize the audio output using the equalizer in the Smart Control app. There are even presets to enhance the Bass or to enhance the voice for podcast listening.

However, there is no dedicated gaming mode in the Sport for low-latency transmission.


On the call quality, Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbud uses a 2-microphone beam-forming array to pick up your voice during calls. The DOTS 2 TWS does a pretty good job in these areas, and according to the people I talked to, my voice always came through clearly, even in loud environments. In quiet environments, the voice quality is perfect and legible.

Leaf DOTS 2: Battery life


Surprisingly, the Leaf offers massive total 20 hours of playback time with case and buds. Which is definitely a very large compare to the price range. Many high price headsets sometime does not give a that amount of playback. In addition, they come with a 6 hour of playtime with single charge. During my testing, I got about 4 to 5 hours of listening time, which is not bad at all. The earbuds do not support fast charging, which is a let-down


The DOTS 2 true wireless earbud from Leaf performs well in many areas, such as the audio quality, microphone quality, app customizability, and battery life. However, there are some weak points too like the earbud’s large size, lack of spatial audio technologies. But has wireless charging.

Coming to the price, Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbud has launched at Rs.1,799. Which is quite good for earbuds that offer these features. However, the competition is fierce in this segment, and more notably, they are cheaper too. It is available Amazon, and other leading electronic outlets in India.

Which alternative are best for Leaf DOTS 2 true wireless earbud?

boAt Airdopes 141 Pro is a great option against the DOTS 2 with a similar amount of price range. This earbud includes a 12mm dynamic drivers to improve the bass and 45 hours of playback time provide a more time to listen to your favorite songs. The only missing thing is to be the Active Noise cancellation. But to tackled this, the earbuds come with an ENx Mode technology. This new tech reduced the background noise considerably, so that you can hear crystal clear voice during calls.

If you don’t have a budget issue, then consider buying Monster DNA Go wireless earbud. The headset instantly synchronized with each-other, yet they can also work separately. Like the DNA Go, this one also offers wireless charging capability. However, the wireless charging let you charge your headset in just 15 minutes. Monster DNA Go features an IPX5 water and sweat resistance option. With this in mind, you can even clean your headset in running water. That’s really pretty. isn’t it? The DNA Go blends beautifully into your wardrobe and personal style. With crisp, clean lines and a beautiful silhouette, the earpiece looks great on you.


Q.1 Both the earbuds are not connecting to each other or only 1 earbud is working at a time. What should I do?
A.1 This could happen because of wrong pairing, so we need to reset the earbuds, to reset follow step 1.

Q.2 I am able to see 2 Leaf Dots 2 in the list of available devices in bluetooth settings, but only 1 is able to connect. What should I do?
A.2 Firstly you need to remove both the Leaf Dots 2 from the list of devices, then reset the earbuds, to reset follow step 1.

Q.3 I am facing sound imbalance issues. What do I do?
A.3 Firstly you need to remove both the Leaf Dots 2 from the list of devices, then reset the earbuds, to reset follow step 1.

Q.4 Do my Leaf Dots 2 support Dual/Stereo calling?
A.4 Leaf Dots 2 have Bluetooth 5.0 and thus supports Dual calling.

Q.5 Are my Leaf Dots 2 water resistant?
A.5 Leaf Dots 2 comes with IPX4 rating which makes it sweat resistant. This makes it ideal for workouts.

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