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Best wireless headphones under 5000

Searching for Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000 In India In 2022? Then you come to the right place. Here we listed the best and most premium products available in the market, right now. Thus, read this blog to the end and select the product according to your need.

I have tested out tons of headphones in different budget segments, so in this article today, I will be sharing my handpicked list of some Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000. That you can buy in India right now. Premium sound loud and clear, durability, and comfort – the holy trinity for headphone selection are what we have included in this list. This means that we’ve done all the due diligence, for your listening pleasure.

What did we consider in preparing this list?

We consider all aspects of headphones that can take them to the next level. The main and most useful feature is the sound quality and colour mixture support, because sometimes people also tend to buy headphones for their shape and size.

The second thing we consider is their design and comfort. Before we can buy a headphone, just check that it is comfortable for long hours of listening without much distortion. For headphones, you will get two choices open back and closed-back designs. Open-back headphones allow air from behind the speaker driver to pass through their ear cups. This means that resonance and low-frequency build-up due to rear enclosures are not a concern. Many expensive high-end headphones have open backs because it allows them to sound more natural.

On the contrary, the closed-back headphones are completely sealed around the back. Just allow sound to escape from where it reaches your ears. This means that your music may not be as natural-sounding as it is on an open-back set of headphones, but these headphones will block out more outside noise, creating better isolation.

Finally, the third thing we consider is performance. You need to look for battery, connectivity, and some other related things. To be added, you can also consider ANC and Google assistance performance as well. There are things we consider before creating the list of Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000 In India.

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Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000

Sony WH-CH510

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, On-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 30mm
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Range: 10m
  • Wearing style: Supra Aural
  • Mic: No
  • Weight: 132g

Things we like

  • Clasps perfectly.
  • Good sound quality & Doesn’t fall off.
  • Charges up fast.
  • No pain in the ear even after wearing for a long time.

Things we don’t like

  • sometimes find issue in reconnecting
  • Lacks Multi-point connection
  • Old fashion
  • None
  • None

Bottom line: The voice is clear and music surround so good and bass has perfectly manage voice and music. Also the quality of headphone is also good, just like hard plastic with great design and speakers size perfect and battery backup so good.


Sony is a brand that needs no audience, and it has been one of the biggest market leaders after Apple. Therefore, we put Sony in the #1 spot in our list of Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000. Well, I guess, I am not an audiophile, but I do have a sense of regard for off music and sound. It’s absolutely worth the money.

The headphone offers a simple rounded design and memory foam soft glossy ear cups gives a premium look to them. The headphones are light in weight, so they do not easily fall from your ear. The plastic-made headband feels extremely comfortable and also adjustable. The lack of cushioning disappoints me a bit, but we can’t expect much for the price it is being offered.

35 hours of battery life provides you with enough power for even longer trips. Moreover, the 10 minutes of charge give you a massive 90minute of playtime. Which feels amazing. For better wireless, you can get the best Bluetooth and the earbuds offer a swivel design earcups mean you can slip your headphones into a bag when you’re on the move. Plus, the slim, adjustable headband is designed to both looks and feel good.

The headphones’ earcups house a 30 mm driver that gives an excellent audio output and some deep bass notes. Apart from this, you can also get the most simple touch controls, you can control everything like volume, on/off, next track and voice assistance also. Lastly, the Conversation flows freely with easy hands-free calling, thanks to the built-in microphone. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check the price: Amazon or

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JBL Tune 700BT

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Multi connectivity: Yes
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Mic: No
  • Weight: 220g

Things we like

  • Strong feature set
  • Tight, punchy bass
  • Reasonably detailed

Things we don’t like

  • Balance skewed to bass
  • Missing dynamic refinement
  • No aptX support

Bottom line: Quality of headphones is really great even though it is made from plastic. It really feels premium. Ear cushions are very soft. Sound is remarkably good, i won’t say it totally blew your mind but for average person it is really good. ANC is good. Multiple point connect is really good feature where you can switch devices just by one button.


The JBL seats no #2 spot in our list of Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000. The JBL Tune 700BT is comparatively larger than usual. That doesn’t create a single problem. However, if you need hours of listening, then after some time it started irritating. To tackle this situation, I think, the JBL should add more padding.

The faux leather on the earcups is comparatively good. We could, moreover, do more cushioning to prevent the frames of our glasses from pressing into our heads. 

The plastic build headband looks good and also quite strong. The extra bulk and positioning of the durable metal hinges and chunky cups also make for quite a pinch and leave us feeling like we’ve taken a couple in the jaw in a sparring session. Our ears heat up over longer listening sessions too.

Moreover, the metal also feels sturdy and they fold nicely. The matte finish carry pouch offers a bit of scratch protection, but the flexible band and the cable covering are their best chance of longevity. Meanwhile, they handle plenty of twists and shear and you’d have to work hard to break the wiring. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: or Amazon

Philips TASH402BK ActionFit

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 40mm, neodymium acoustic drivers
  • Frequency: 15Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 96dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Bluetooth: 5.2
  • Weight: 280g

Things we like

  • Best for sports
  • premium looks
  • Bass is quite high

Things we don’t like

  • Battery should be update
  • Missing ANC
  • Lacks multi connectivity

Bottom line: Sound quality is okayish but max volume is really low. Bass quality is mediocre, it’s even lower than boat headphones which cost around 1k. The only plus point is the quick charging/battery life.


The Philips seats no #3 spot in our list of Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000. Specially build for sports person. They are quite nice, so, as a sportsperson, use them as much as you can during your workout sessions. Because it doesn’t capture heat easily during your longer music sessions. And maintain the coolness inside the headphone. I like these, amazing.

The flat fold design is very much useful to put headphones into the carrying case. This helps to give a better transport without the scratch, and also protect from falling. Generally, it easily detaches for better cleaning of the headphone. The headphone offers a black color variant. The headphone

The sleek design, is somehow, better than the most budget-friendly headphone available in this price segment. If you’re in hurry, then do not worry, just 10 minutes of charge gives you approx.2 hours of playtime. Which is not par, but comparatively average.  

The headphone offers internal mics with echo cancellation for clear voice during calls. Need in-depth sound, then don’t go anywhere else, they offer 40mm Neodymium acoustic drivers. Which gives Good bass, and Great passive noise isolation. The smart pairing feature direct connects with your Bluetooth device, as soon as it detects it. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: TATA CliQ

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Marshall Major III

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, On-ear, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 40mm dynamic
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Weight: 178g

Things we like

  • Stylish, slim design
  • Great top and mid ranges
  • Fully foldable

Things we don’t like

  • Uncomfortable
  • Feeble bass
  • Let in external sounds

Bottom line: Feel strain when you put on for many hours, dont think its suitable for continuous calls. Sound quality and call quality is very good , noise cancellation is fine. And some times others cant hear you properly if you are a low voice speaker


Marshall got #4th place in our list of Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000. They offer a straight band and come with highly padded on-ear cushions. The headphone is designed to be comfortable for long listening hours. Though, we did feel some discomfort from the pressure on our ears after the long listening hours.

Meanwhile, it is not the best but offers a reliable acceptable performance, which is good for me. The headphone is usually more comfy, surrounding your ears rather than being placed on top of them. 

The touch controls are better than you think, Plus, the detachable coiled wire seems durable. The single button can control most of everything in the headphones. . A nice touch is the 3.5mm sockets on both sides of the headphones, which means friends can easily tune in to what you’re listening to if they too have a 3.5mm cable of their own handy.

Issues with flimsy plastic adjustment sliders on previous models have been addressed with metal hardware, meaning the headphones feel quite solid. They’re also fully foldable, which is fantastic for on-the-go listening and packing neatly and safely into a bag.

Overall, the Marshall Major IIIs are a neat pair of headphones, with a quirky retro design and tons of cool rock heritage to boot. They feel extremely well made, and improvements to the design mean you’d have to be pretty rough with them to break them. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: Amazon

Sennheiser HD 400S Headphone

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wired, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Cable length: 1.4m
  • Frequency: 18Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 120dB
  • Impedance: 18 Ohms
  • Weight: 217g

Things we like

  • Comfortable
  • Great sound for the price
  • Balanced sound
  • Extremely clear

Things we don’t like

  • Missing IP ratings
  • Slight distortion at high volumes
  • None
  • None

Bottom line: It has a nice sound signature. The ear cup pillows are very soft and squishy and covered with a rich leather like material.You can easily swap your earcups. Even if you don’t listening any song, it gives you comfort and silent peace of mind.


The HD 400S provides a reasonable amount of space and dimension. While it may not have the dimension and versatility of higher-priced models, it still has a great soundstage for something under Rs.5,000. The isolation is also above average, which helps add to the immersion. The dynamics are very good as well, though it does get a little crowded the more you drive the headphones.

Sennheiser has done it again. The HD 400S performs well beyond its price range and is one of the better budget model headphones I’ve tried. It has very few bells and whistles and offers a simple means of listening that still delivers amazing clarity and quality. If you need a good first pair of headphones or need something that you can take out of the house, then the HD 400S is definitely for you.

Although you can’t call the fit luxurious, the earpads were perfectly comfortable and unobtrusive on my ears. And it’s got a snug feel, while avoiding being too tight on the head. I also wear glasses, and the cans didn’t tilt them in any direction. Sound isolation is less than fantastic, though it will kill a little ambient hum.

Like all of Sennheiser’s stuff, the build quality on the 400S looks pretty solid. And because the cable is detachable, it can easily be replaced if it eventually fails on you. Add to that a 2 year warranty, and you should be safe for a while. The 400S folds into a nice little handful and comes with a soft carrying case. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check the price here: Amazon or Flipkart

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Blaupunkt BH51 ANC BK Headphone

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, On-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 40 mm Aperture Driver
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Battery capacity: 360mAh
  • ANC: MOKSHA ANC Mode Enabled 
  • Mic: Yes
  • Weight: 190g

Things we like

  • Nice sound quality
  • Battery life
  • ANC

Things we don’t like

  • Terrible microphone
  • Tight fit on all but the smallest of heads

Bottom line: All in all its a great product, sound quality wise and even a bit noise cancellation wise ( in accordance to the budget) but with tiny little issue or defect being it’s kinda tightly bound around ears and does results in a problem for people with big ears of big head.


The latest release from the German Iconic brand the BH51 ANC headphones are a one step ahead, what you find in the market today. Just look at them and you will see the design is sleek and very much premium. The form factor is one of the key elements that make these headphones so attractive. Put them up and the weight will surprise you. Despite being loaded with all the tech available today, these headphones have kept their weight down.

The headphone offers Active noise cancellation for Punchy Bass and clear sound, Plus, it gets 32 hours of long play time. Thus, you will talk about 32 hours with clear voice. Also, just 10 minutes of charge gives a total 100 minutes of playtime. That’s really awesome. In addition, the headphone powered with 40mm drivers for clear sound and deep bass. For better connection, you get latest Bluetooth 5.0 with 10m wireless range.

Made from high grade materials these headphones are easy on your head and neck. So long hours of listening to music or being a part of long call is not an issue. No pain in the here. The earpads are made from padded protein and are soft and luxurious making them very comfortable. The headband is padded and adds to the comfort while giving them a very premium look. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: Flipkart

boAt Rockerz 450 Headphone


Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Mic: No
  • Weight: 190g

Things we like

  • Clear & flat sound definition
  • Comfortable earcups  
  • Low cost

Things we don’t like

  • No detachable cable  
  • Not for a bass lover  
  • Missing Microphones

Bottom line: This headphone is quite good but not suitable for the long time users and the mic used in it do not hope anything from it if u have soft voice than this headphone is not good for you as Ur voice won’t pickup and while walking if u put this headphone than its internal part hit somewhere and keep making that noise.


Recently, they achieved to become the first brand to make 1 million Make in India products in a single quarter. That’s why we gave these headphones the second place in our list of headphones. Which means they have something that other lacks, I think, which is comfort and Balance sound signature.

The design of boAt Rockerz 450 is of premium quality and is made for daily use. It features a pretty light weight and tiniest design with no unnecessary design elements. The whole headphone made with a plastic material, that does not prove that it is not sturdy. They look bulky but still manage to weigh under 200 grams. Which is pretty impressive compared to the other available options in the market. 

I was using a Black version of this headphones. Don’t be sad, if you don’t like the black color, this headphone has two other color options. which you can buy. Moreover, they can be wear for longer hours thanks to soft cornered matte black finish. That offer a good comfort to your ears and decent isolation from outside noises. 

Speaking of sound quality, these headphones are powered by the 40mm moving coil driver which produce a decent sound. They offer immersive sound quality and add luxury to your sound. Overall, it has all the features that we want in a headset for our daily life. The headphone lacks the microphone, which is well needed for crystal clear voice during call. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: Amazon or Flipkart

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JBL Tune 500 BT Headphone

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 32mm
  • Frequency: 20Hz – 20000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 1kHz – 24dBV/Pa
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Mic: No
  • Weight: 155g

Things we like

  • Decent audio reproduction.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Great full parametric EQ for audio customization.

Things we don’t like

  • Sub-par noise isolation.
  • Tight fit, can get uncomfortable after a while.
  • None

Bottom line: Design has been improved in 230 ANC. Smart Dual device connectivity would have been more helpful. Also Volume control should be changed by swiping up to raise and swiping down to reduce the volume in next model for convience.


The fourth one in our list is JBL Tune 500BT headphone. Just like Boult Audio ProBass Anchor, it has world class active noise cancelling feature with Hands Free calling. Moreover, the soft ear cushion with a padded headband make the headphone comfortable to wear for longer period.

The JBL Tune 500BT is Bluetooth 4.1 powered headphones by JBL. These headphones can also be used with an AUX cable which I personally like to use on my computer when I play games, as gaming on a Bluetooth headphone could be a big mess.

Furthermore, the headphones follow a very minimal design with an all-black body which gives a little premium look to it. Still, if you don’t like the color combination. Don’t be sad, these headphones are also available in white and blue colors. The good part is that it has all the controls merge right on the earcups, making it extremely handy to change tracks or control the volume. The built-in microphone also works nicely, and the quality is decent enough for calls and meetings.

Speaking audio quality, these headphones are powered by 32 mm drivers. Which making them capable of producing a very rich and balanced sound. That means audio quality would not be an issue with these. In addition, the headphone come with a Bluetooth Multi connectivity. Which allow you to switch one Bluetooth devices to another. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: Amazon or Flipkart

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Soundcore by Anker Life Q10 Headphone

Best wireless headphones under 5000

Main highlights:

  • Type: Wireless, Over-Head, Closed-Back
  • Drivers: 40mm, Neodymium
  • Supported Bluetooth Codec: SBC/AAC
  • Standby Time(hours): 400 Hours
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.2
  • Audio Cable: 3.5mm AUX
  • Weight: 286g

Things we like

  • Good audio quality with BassUp
  • Great battery life
  • The earcups fit perfectly
  • Type C charging

Things we don’t like

  • Could have been slightly lightweight
  • None
  • None

Bottom line: It supports at max AAC codec for Bluetooth, but it’s very good at this price(I got it for 1800/-) they sound really amazing, not true hi-res but it’s a very thin gap from hi-res.
Only if it had rotating ear cups then they would have been truly the best in market.


Now moving down our list, we have a one more over ear headphone under 5000, named Soundcore Life Q10 by Anker. Both the earbuds and the headband come with a soft cushion, which making it most comfortable one. The left earcup has an in-built microphone for you to get crystal clear voice calls and meetings. On the contrary, the Right earcup has some multifunction buttons for volume and track control. In addition, it also included the Bass-up button that can switch between balanced and bass-boosted mode, which I know bass lovers will surely love.

These good-looking foldable headphones are made of plastic, which makes them pretty lightweight. Because of easily folded, they become a good choice for folks who like to travel a lot. Overall, from my point of view, these one is a most affordable headphone we have in our list of best over ear headphone.

The headphone also features a Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity with 10m range. Which is quite impressive at this price segment. The red and black mixture feels premium quality. However, they also come with a Blue and Grey color variants. Speaking of sound quality, the Life Q10 comes loaded with 40 mm drivers that create a decent amount of sound output. Of course, it’s not the best on our list, but it is decent considering its price. Click here to get Best Wireless Headphones Under 5000.

Check price here: Amazon or Flipkart


Overall, the headphones discuss in this blog are the Best Over-ear headphones for Daily usage under Rs.5,000 in India. These headpones come with a clear mics and quality performance like a high-end headphone. They provide a better customizable option. Although it is difficult to find such a headsets in this budget, but if your budget is low then you can start with them. Thus, this article will be beneficial if you’re looking for the Best Over-ear headphones for Daily usage under Rs.5,000 in India.

In final submission, the headphones mention in this blog are the best in class gaming headphone. These headphones offer everything that you need in your Best Over-ear headphones for Daily usage under Rs.5,000 with low price. They features best quality and comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to buying headphones

Try before purchased

Cheap headphones are usually heat seal in solid plastic. Even if you bought a headphone online, you may not return it. So, try to get as much from the store as possible. So, before you buy, you can check that the headphones are correct. And after that you can also buy it online. However, if you have a query, you can also ask a close friend.

If you decide to shop online, must be remembered that reviews can be false and unhelpful. Means, they can also be put by retailers. Moreover, the sound is very personal and one person’s idea of ​​an acoustic paradise may be another’s idea of ​​a noisy hell. Different types of music absorb different parts of the sound range. Also, a pair of headphones may not sound equally good for everything you hear. If you are going to go through online reviews. Then, read carefully and check out verified professional reviews on audio sites.

Beware the bass

There has been a trend of high bass in headphones since the early days. The high bass biases the sound of the headphones. So, make sure that your headphones give you high bass. Smartphones and earbuds are very well design to emphasize the bass frequency. However, beware of products that draw too much attention to their “bass response.”

Which type of headphone you prefer

There are various types of headphones available in the market. The first thing you need to do is to select the headset. Which you want to buy. such as Over-ear or In-ear? Both have different features. However, the most people prefer over-ear headphones, over the in-ear headset. If you want headset for listening mainly on the move, earbuds are generally the best. Bigger headphones are usually better for “audiophiles”. Who want to listen to music or TV without disturbing other people.

Normal or noise-canceling headphones?

If you’re listening to headphones in a noisy place, then background sounds can seriously reduce the quality of the sound. Thus, Noise cancelling features can be a big help, they come with two kinds. The first passive noise cancellation, which came from the tight seal with your ear canal, this preventing unwanted sound from getting in. On the contrary, the second one is Active noise cancellation, this provide a clear voice calls with In-built microphones.

Passive noise isolating earbuds are very low tech and very effective. While the active noise-canceling phones can be more comfortable to wear. But generally need their own battery power. If you’re listening in a quiet place at home. There’s no real reason to buy noise-canceling headphones. They tend to be much more expensive than you expect. You could probably get a much higher quality pair of normal phones.

Build quality matters

Earbuds and headphones almost invariably fail where the main cable meets the jack plug. If I were cynical, I might suggest headphone makers deliberately engineer their products to fail by using poor-quality cables and connections. You can always tell a good pair of headphones: the makers will have devoted some time to making sure the connections are robust enough to cope with constant flexing of the cable. Though you can’t easily detect headphones and earbuds with poor connectors, you can spot well-engineered connections. Look out for makers who draw attention to any efforts they’ve made to make their cables more durable.

If your headphone cable does fail, and you know how to use a soldering iron, it’s relatively easy to fit a new jack plug. You can double the life of your phones with about 10 minutes’ work; repairing headphone cables at the other (earphone) end is much more tricky and often not worth the effort. Hi-fi shops can sometimes also do repairs for you. (See our article on how to repair headphones for more details.)

In my view, coiled cables are a mixed bag. On the positive side, they save you having to keep wrapping up your headphone cable. On the negative side, coiled cables are virtually always stretched open and that constant tension puts added strain on the weakest points of the cable, where they meet the jack plug and the two headphones. Generally, I prefer to use an uncoiled cable and an extension lead.

You get what you pay for

The basic rule of buying things generally holds true of loudspeakers, headphones, and earbuds. If you study the wide range of phones offered by a decent manufacturer like Sennheiser, you’ll notice a distinct correlation between quality and price: the low-end phones are good, basic, and relatively inexpensive; the high-end phones are recording-studio quality and cost many times more.

Portable music players come with their own “default” headphones, but there’s no reason why you have to stick with them. Try some others and you might be surprise how much better—or different—your music sounds. You might hear instruments or effects you didn’t notice before. Shortly after buying an iPod, I switched to using some expensive Etymotic earbuds (which cost almost as much as the iPod). However, they made a huge difference to the sound quality. But remember that MP3 players are inherently limited in audio quality by the compressed files they’re playing. If you want to hear better quality sounds, go back to your CD player… or even vinyl LP records!

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