OPPO Enco X2 review

OPPO Enco X2

OPPO recently launched its latest truly wireless earbud Enco X2. The OPPO Enco X2 sport a two types of Noise cancelling with Dolby Atmos sound signature. Moreover, you can customized everything with HeyMelody app. In addition, it gets Bluetooth 5.2, IP54 water and dust resistance, Super DBEE dual drivers, 40 hours of playback, Bluetooth Multi-connectivity and much more. Let’s see what exciting features this headset has to offer?

Things we like
Premium built quality
Excellent sound
IP54 Water and dust resistance
Bluetooth Multi connectivity
Things we don’t like
Missing Audio codec
Battery not that good

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Price and Availability

The OPPO Enco X2 come with a Black and White color variant. It is priced Rs,10,999. You can buy this headset from company’s official website oppo.com or go to Flipkart.com

Who is the OPPO Enco X2 for?

  • Music lovers looking for a budget friendly set of wireless earbuds can enjoy the price and good sound.
  • Swimmers, with IP54 water and dust resistance, its is perfect for them.

Box Content

  • OPPO Enco X2
  • Charging case
  • Type-C USB Cable
  • User Guide

What is the design of the OPPO Enco X2?

OPPO Enco X2

The Oppo Enco X2 come with a light weight design and offer a much comfort compare to predecessor. The shape and size are almost similar with OPPO Enco Air2 Pro. It isn’t most eye-catching pair of earbuds, but have a premium look and comfort. They’re not as fresh as the Nothing ear (1) when it comes to looks, but the white buds with their black accents and smooth curves aren’t bad either.

The earbuds support an antibacterial design with earwax prevention. These wax guard layers can stop earwax from shut off the speaker outlets. Which makes the earbuds easier to clean. These coating helps us to reduce bacteria growth. Which makes them quite comfortable and clean to wear over long periods.

The oval case, however, is a completely different story. These could easily be mistaken for any budget earbuds costing a fifth of the price. There is an Optical Sensor for Wear Detection so that it can automatically pause the audio when you remove it from your ears and play when you put it back.

The case made with a matt finish surface, which is smooth enough to hold for long time. Since, OPPO has made these earbuds in partnership with Dynaudio, its symbol is on the opening lip of the case. The bottom area includes a USB charging port. In addition, you also get the wireless charging as well. Furthermore, the earbuds come with an IP54 water and dust resistance. Which means you can carry this headset while swimming or running or even during raining outside.

How touch control works of the OPPO Enco X2?

The OPPO Enco X2 earbuds support a single squeeze for play or pause, double squeeze for the next track, squeeze and hold to turn noise cancellation on or off, etc. You may also slide your finger up or down on the earbuds to adjust the volume without taking out your phone.

Long SqueezeSwitch between Noise
Cancelling Modes
Single SqueezePlay/pause or hang up the call
Swipe UpTurn up the volume
Double SqueezesNext track/reject the call

Swipe Down
Turn down the volume
Triple SqueezesPrevious track

Is there an app available for the OPPO Enco X2?

OPPO Enco X2

OPPO Enco X2 comes with advanced feature “HeyMelody app”. You need to download this app to get more advanced and personal experience. Once you do this, you will be able to control the amount of noise around you. You feel comfortable because there are twenty different levels for everything around you. From maximum volume cancellation to microphone use. Or you can always keep the adaptive sound control on and let the headphones change on the fly depending on your surroundings.

In addition, you can also control the following features:

  • Battery status
  • Earbud controls settings
  • Noise control mode
  • Personalized noise cancellation
  • Earbud controls guide
  • Enco Master EQ
  • Golden Sound
  • Dual connection
  • Firmware update
  • Wear detection
  • Earbud fit test

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What is the sound quality of the OPPO Enco X2?

Speaking of sound, the earbuds come with Super DBEE dual drivers. Which gives excellent sound performance. The company claim that the earbuds see a 25% improvement in sound output. Which allowing you to stay immersed in your music and feel the amazing sound quality.

The all-new LHDC 4.0 technology has significantly increased the wireless audio transmission rate to a higher degree – up to 900kbps/24bits/96kHz, three times that of traditional wireless transmission technologies. LHDC 4.0 protects sound details, so that music sounds as it was meant to be, and makes sound always feel “fresh and new”. It’s like putting a sound studio in your ears.

Moreover, they offer an advanced Dolby binaural record feature. That means the earbuds can record what you hear and keep crystal clear, natural and crisp audio. Allow you to record those wonderful moments as they were.

How Good is the Active noise cancellation feature?

Surprisingly, the earbuds come with a two noise cancelling mics with a high signal to noise ratio. Which is very rare in audio industry, also, they get triple-core chip with a 50% performance boost. Moreover, it coupled with lightweight diaphragms, the earbuds support a noise cancellation depth of 45dB. As a result, earbuds can effectively cut out stubborn noises from airplanes, cars, and streets. Which is allowing you to find peace in a noisy world.

Moreover, the Enco X2 has some of the best noise cancellation I’ve heard in this segment. Ambient sounds like my large ceiling fan almost completely disappear when using the earbuds. When you put on the Enco X2 and the ANC kicks in a second post connection, the feeling of suddenly quieting your surround is almost magical.

In addition, the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds can automatically identify your context. And offering the most suitable noise canceling model and a comfortable wearing experience. Even when you wear them all day long.

How good is the OPPO Enco X2 for calls?

The earbuds offer a good amount of noise isolation, and triple microphones help when it comes to voice clarity during calls. The earphones also reduce the background noise to a certain extent that helps in a crowded or noisy environment and wind when you are travelling. the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds are equipped with all new bone conduction sensors for voice pickup. The built in sensors can accurately capture your sound vibrations and better pick up your voice in noisy surroundings.

How good is the connectivity option?

OPPO Enco X2

Compared with the previous generation, the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds’ Bluetooth 5.2 connection is on average three times more stable when in LHDC mode. Promises a persistent listening experience. Also, with a latency down to 94ms, your gaming experience will also become more enjoyable.

Furthermore, the headset has Smart wear detection that can sense when they’re in the ear and automatically pause the music when taken out and resume when you put back. This also brings Bluetooth Multi connectivity that lets you connect to two devices at the same time, and the switch happens seamlessly. You can switch devices with a long press of 4 seconds. You can also double tap any bud to take a photo when you open the camera app, but it requires an OPPO phone running ColorOS 11.3+.

How long does the battery last?

OPPO Enco X2

Battery life on the Oppo Enco X2 was also pretty decent. While I don’t think I managed the 40 hours of playback that Oppo claims, my total use time at 50-70 per cent volume and a lot of short calls lasted for about two days at a time. In addition, the OPPO Enco X2 earbuds support wireless charging. It’s as simple as placing the charging case on a charging pad. The earbuds also support reverse charging from a phone, so you can always keep the music going.


On the whole,the Oppo Enco X2 is consider one of the best wireless earbuds with a Rs. 10,999 price segment. The earbuds offer a Dolby advance sound, noise cancelling up to 45 dB and HeyMelody app to customize everything. The battery life is also good. Overall, the Oppo Enco X2 has a solid built quality and comfort. As a result, it seems to be best for daily life usage and for music lovers.

What is some alternative to the OPPO Enco X2?

If you have a budget issue than consider buying the Boult Audio Omega. This is an easy sell to people who want to take their music anywhere. For Rs.2,499, Boult audio packs in touch controls, most exquisite design, Advanced IPX5 water resistance, ANC, ENC and Good Battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is great alternative to the Enco X2. It’s meant to give the most immersive wireless audio experience with its small, innovative design and seamless connectivity. It has new coaxial 2-way speakers for crisp, clear high notes and a powerful bass, and it has Active Noise Cancellation to help block out unwanted sound. It also features better Hi-Fi 24-bit audio with a wide dynamic range and crystal-clear resolution.

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