Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India: Fabulous and attractive

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

If you want to become a pro gamer, then you have to buy all necessary equipment such as gaming mouse, gaming keyboard, etc. Also, you don’t to spent a lot of money to buy a gaming keyboard. There are many brands offers a gaming keyboard in such a low price, all thanks to increasing the demand of gaming keyboards. Here in this article, we provided a list of Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

There are tons of new gaming keyboard released, some people are confused to buy a good gaming keyboard. Don’t worry. We have finds and create a list of Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India. Regardless, we have considered comfortability, quick response compared to a normal keyboard, but most importantly, you can have your hands over them without spending too much from your bank account.

So, are you lagging behind your opponent due to the low response speed exhibited by your normal keyboard? Are you also ready to have all that RGB lighting around your keyboard to make you feel like a gamer? If yes, then my friend it’s time to get a new gaming keyboard for your PC. In this post, I am going to share the best gaming keyboards under 1000 that you can buy in 2021 to get an edge over your competition. So, without further ADO let’s get started.

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: HP K500F

Things we like

  • Premium design
  • Nice looking RGB
  • Slim and compact
  • Rainbow backlight

Things we don’t like

  • Brightness lacks too much for day time usage 
  • Gap between keys is bit much spoils gameplay


HP is one of the best major brands to produces high quality gaming keyboards. The keyboard is best option if you want to buy a wired gaming keyboard ate considerably low priced. Moreover, the 26 anti-ghost keys and Windows lock keys are the finest in HP K500F Keyboard. These keys give you top class gaming performance, and also makes sure you won’t face any issues while gaming and typing.

Speaking of design, the HP K500 gaming keyboard made with plastic material. Not to mention, only back side is made of plastic, while the front made with a metal material. It looks strong and the key are smooth to use. Since, I personally used HP keyboard, and have no complain about its performance. The keys are made with a stiff plastic and also feature double-injection keycaps.

The HP K500F offer a rainbow backlight, which looks fantastic and feels likes professional gaming device. In addition, the keyboard come with an anti-ghosting keys and includes 26 keys to use at once and will reply to your order. Also, to tackle the situation of auto opening of Windows Home, they give you Windows lock feature. With these features includes, the Windows Home doesn’t interfere, while gaming.

Last but least, the keyboard is great option, if you are looking for smooth performance under the price tag of 1000. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Check price here: Amazon or Flipkart

Technical Details

Product Dimensions‎44 x 13.5 x 3.5 cm; 698 Grams
Item model number‎K500F
Hardware Platform‎K500F, HP
Compatible Devices‎Laptop
Special Features‎Backlit
Mounting Hardware‎Keyboard
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Keyboard Description‎Keyboard
Connector Type‎Wired
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎698 g

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: Zebronics Zeb-Transformer-k

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

Things we like

  • Visuals and the keys smoothness
  • Solid build quality
  • Braided long cable
  • Multimedia controls

Things we don’t like

  • Not True backlight, only key gaps have a light effect
  • Only three light color combinations


Unlike the HP, the Zebronics also quite famous to construct premium gaming keyboards. Unfortunately, the price range is quite high and also it is difficult to find a keyboard worth 1000. Zebronics made a strong keyboard and smooth enough to give you seamless gaming experience.

Boost your gaming experience with the transformer gaming keyboard that comes with a complete aluminum frame with laser keycaps. All the characters, alphabets, symbols, and numbers have been print on the keys using laser technology. It will stop them from vanish away with time. Moreover, the keyboard offers a total 104 keys and give you with a bit of comfort during long hours of gaming. Zebronics has added a small wrist rest to the keyboard.

You will enjoy your gaming with multi-LED lighting, added on the keyboard. To give you much comfort during gaming, they include rubber pads, and foldable legs at the back of the keyboard. Talking about the USB cable, you get a premium quality gold-plate USB connector. Not to mention, the Zebronics offer a 3 brightness levels and you can adjust them as per your mood or the theme of the game that you are currently playing.

Yes, we cannot compare this Zebronics product with all the other gaming keyboards that we have in the market, but without a doubt, it is the best in terms of performance in the sub 1000 price tag. There is also no doubt about the longevity that this keyboard will provide, as it has been test for up to 50 million keystrokes. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Check the price here: Amazon or Flipkart

Technical Details

Product Dimensions‎23.5 x 52 x 3.8 cm; 1.07 Kilograms
Item model number‎Zeb-Transformer-K
Compatible Devices‎Gaming Console
Special Features‎Laser
Mounting Hardware‎1 keyboard
Batteries Required‎No
Keyboard Description‎Gaming
Connector Type‎USB
Movement Detection Technology‎Laser
Has Auto Focus‎No
Programmable Buttons‎No
Item Weight‎1 kg 70 g

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: EvoFox Warhammer

You may also like

  • Good brightness of RGB light.
  • Premium and strong quality of metal frame.
  • Anti-ghosting pretty good.
  • Good response
  • Long braided cable
  • Smooth typing

You may don’t like

  • Only normal & breathing mode in backlight.
  • Numeric keys don’t have anti ghosting so skill moves difficult in FIFA.
  • Spacebar sometimes makes squeaky sound


Better late than never. This saying is a perfect word for the EvoFox Warhammer gaming keyboard. EvoFox is not the best, but produce a standard gaming keyboard, you love to used. At Rs.999, they give you solid performance and quality.

Looking for aesthetics, the keys and keyboard both are made of plastic. Plus, the distance between the keys are more than enough for comfortably use. Not to mention, that the Top portion of the keyboard is made with a metal not plastic. In addition, you will get the support of two foldable legs to adjust the keyboard as per your comfort. It looks very similar to a mechanical keyboard, but in reality, it is a membrane keyboard that has been given an outline of mechanical.

EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard for PCs and Macs comes with a Backlit LED and Breathing Keys effect. Which eventually makes the glare of keys better, so that you can also find the keys in the dark. To provide you a better signal transmission, this keyboard features of braided cable along with a magnetic ring.

Finally, the Warhammer Gaming Keyboard offer most 19keys to work at once to provide fast gaming response. Hence, if you are playing games like PUBG PC and Call of Duty Warzone where you need to press multiple buttons at the same time, and in such a situation, this keyboard is not going to let you down. With over 12 easy access Multimedia Keys and a windows lock key, this keyboard comes with what all you need to suit your gaming environment. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Click here to buy: Amazon or Flipkart Or TATA Cliq

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Allied Electronics & Magnetics Pvt. Ltd., Allied Electronics & Magnetics Private Limited C-64/4, Okhla Phase – 2, New Delhi – 110020
Series‎Evo Fox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard
Item Height‎30 Millimeters
Item Width‎15 Centimeters
Product Dimensions‎44.5 x 15 x 3 cm; 750 Grams
Item model number‎433
Power Source‎USB
Hardware Platform‎Laptop, PC
Operating System‎Linux, Windows, Mac OS, LindowsOS
Included Components‎Keyboard
Manufacturer‎Allied Electronics & Magnetics Pvt. Ltd.
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎750 g

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: Redgear Blaze

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

Things we like

  • Good response time
  • The keys feel good on clicking 
  • Design is really good 
  • The cable is sturdy so it wont be cut or torn easily

Things we don’t like

  • The key caps cant be removed.
  • The keyboard is pretty big
  • Only three LED color
  • Old school design
  • None


Redgear is also a leading maker of Gaming fitment in India. The company produced some quality keyboard with low cost. Meanwhile, the Redgear is popular and always be in the list of best gaming keyboards or mouse, they are at the top of everything.

Speaking of design, the curving of Redgear Blaze is made of aluminum. Besides, the complete body is made with good quality plastic material. However, the One thing that we don’t like is random placing keys, this will miss guide us, while commanding in games or during writing an article. Because our mind is set with the original key position, as a result, our fingers are move according to it. The keyboard is quite standard with low price. Also, they include an 19 keys anti-ghost for your gamers and programmers

The Blaze has amazing 3 LED color Light which gives you different LED modes. Day time or night time adjust your LED color as per your convenience and kill them in style with Blaze. All the gamers around the world suffers the windows key pop-up problem. During different clutch situation or team fights. Furthermore, the Blaze has a Windows key lock option which allows you play more easily without any interruption. In addition, the Blaze have life span of up to 10 million keystrokes. Every key has crisp response which increase the life span of the keystrokes. Interface: Wired USB. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Check price here: Amazon or Flipkart

Technical Details

Manufacturer‎Imagine Marketing Ltd
Model‎Blaze MT01
Model Name‎Manta
Product Dimensions‎18 x 44.2 x 4.2 cm; 895 Grams
Item model number‎Blaze MT01
Compatible Devices‎PC
Special Features‎Floating Key caps for Mechanical feel, Floating switch :- 45g trigger presure, 3 led color backlight, Aluminum structure, Windows key lock, 19 keys anti ghost
Mounting Hardware‎Redgear Blaze Keyboard
Number Of Items‎1
Batteries Included‎No
Batteries Required‎No
Keyboard Description‎Gaming
Connector Type‎Wired
Has Auto Focus‎No
Programmable Buttons‎No
Manufacturer‎Imagine Marketing Ltd
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎895 g

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: Cosmic Byte Titan Membrane

Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000

Things we like

  • Best typing
  • The keys all work the same way after 5 months of usage.
  • Window key lock option
  • Keyboard lock functionality

Things we don’t like

  • Not Anti-ghosting
  • Keys don’t have dedicated LEDs
  • Not a Mechanical keyboard.
  • There is no Fn lock key or anyway to lock the Fn key.


A very sturdy and good quality gaming keyboard. I am much impressed with its quality and the affordable price, I used it most for playing CS Go, COD, PUBG etc and the response is very well. Cosmic Byte Titan Membrane is made with an Aluminum panel. Which give this keyboard a rigid, premium, and sleek look.

However, with aluminum metal, it become quite heavy, and it waits for around 774 grams. To provide you with the best experience during heavy typing or gaming, the key structure of this keyboard is suspend. So that the keys travel more with each click and give users a tactile experience. The key lifespan is claim to be 10 million keystrokes.

In addition, you also get exclusive multimedia keys such as volume up, volume down, play/pause, and many more. However, on the negative side, you only get 6 anti-ghosting keys on this keyboard, which is comparatively less with all the names mention in this list. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Check price here: Amazon

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000: Zook Concord

Things we like

  • 12 Multimedia function keys
  • 3 colors LED black light
  • Splash proof

Things we don’t like

  • Average design
  • Average key response
  • None


Zook Concord is a premium French audio brand, looks absolutely fine. The keyboard come with a 3 colors LED black light, such as green, red, and purple. Plus, they also included 12 multimedia function keys. They are smooth and fast, while used. which enables you to pay full attention to your work and entertainment instead of occupying much time in system control.

The keyboard also offers you ABD keycaps, which means you can easily clean the keys regularly and improve the life span of your keyboard. The Zook Concord offer a strong compatibility, the USB keyboard and Mouse kit easily Compatibles with computer Windows 95/ 98/ XP/ 2000/ ME/VISTA/Win7/ Win8/Win10. Not to mention, most of its feature doesn’t work fine with Mac OS.

This keyboard is suitable for both normal day-to-day work, and heavy gaming. And because of being a metal body keyboard, you might find this keyboard a bit heavier, as it weighs around 970 grams. This keyboard is specially design for gaming and it is compatible with PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox One, and more devices. CLICK HERE to buy Best Gaming Keyboards Under 1000 In India.

Technical Details

Click here to buy: Amazon

Brand‎Cosmic Byte
Manufacturer‎Cosmic Byte
Package Dimensions‎49.1 x 19.1 x 5.5 cm; 970 Grams
Item model number‎CB-GK-05
Are Batteries Included‎No
Included Components‎Keyboard, User Manual
Manufacturer‎Cosmic Byte
Country of Origin‎China
Item Weight‎970 g


After full analysis, these are the best keyboard, which offers anti ghost keys and suitable for both gaming and daily life. They also offer over 10 million keystrokes. Which is extremely good for the price tag. the keyboards also come with a LED back light. Day time or night time adjust your LED color as per your convenience and kill them in style with Blaze. Overall, this keyboards are excellent performance while gaming and offer a strong built quality.

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