Amazfit GTS 4 smartwatch Review: 150+ Sports mode and Accurate GPS tracking

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Amazfit GTS 4

Within a span of a week, Amazfit released its latest smartwatch GTS 4, and the other one GTR 4, which was introduced last week. If the release continues, I think, I have to develop an extra hand to test them all and improve quality. It looks amazing in design and has a strong basic. It comes with a price of $199.99. Which is high-profile, but, no doubt, you get the in-class performance.

The watch offers everything you need and includes some features you might not imagine a watch includes, but it does. Meanwhile, the smartwatch faces are not that premium quality and they are ultimately fitness-focused wearables with an amazing amount of customization and health/wellness tracking metrics.

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Amazfit GTS 4: Hardware

Amazfit GTS 4
  • Gorgeous design for $200
  • Amazing AMOLED display
  • Microphone and speaker

I’ve been busy testing a lot of watches lately, including premium Google Wear OS watches. So, I thought a watch that cost less than $200 wouldn’t be attractive. Surprisingly, I was impressed with its looks after seeing it for the first time. It includes a narrow matte finish bezel with subtle black lines for the minutes around a smooth glass display. The brushed aluminum casing looks awesome with symmetric bumps on each side and one easily accessible button on the right.

The Ultra-large 1.75″ HD AMOLED touchscreen impresses with vivid colors and very high resolution. That offer classy looks and details for 150+ Watch Faces & Always-on Displays. There has been one single button on the right side of the watch to help you navigate around the interface. The button looks fine and the standard press of the button can be customized for your preferences.

The back of the watch has a glossy black plastic finish with two connection points for the magnetically attachable charging cable. The GTS 4 launches with the latest BioTracker 4.0 PPG sensor. That has six lights to measure your key vitals; blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, and more.

There is both a microphone and a speaker on the GTS 4 so you can use Amazon Alexa and hear the results. Having these key elements also means that you can take and receive phone calls from your watch when it is connected to your phone. You can even listen to music through the speaker in a pinch if you don’t have a connected headset.

The standard 22mm silicone band is very comfortable and appears to be well constructed too. Quick-release pins let you easily swap out bands.

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Navigating on the Amazfit GTS 4

  • Swipe down for quick controls
  • Swipe right and left for quick app access
  • Use the buttons for customized access

Using the Amazfit GTS 4 is as intuitive and highly customizable. To turn on the display, you simply raise your wrist or press the side buttons, revealing 150+ watch faces that the Zepp app has to offer. However, you can even upload your own photos to use on your watch face or select an animated watch face for some added pizazz. Some are classic faces while others are heavy on the presentation of the health data collected by the watch. There are some customization options for various complications too.

Swiping down from the top reveals the nine quick toggles in the control center — with more as you swipe across. You can customize which of the available items appear on the display and reorder them as you desire in the smartphone app.

A swipe up from the bottom displays your notifications. When a notification comes in, action items will appear below it, like replying to a text message.

One new feature with the GTS 4’s software is setting the default app/widget on your first left swipe, similar to the user interface elements we have seen on Garmin watches.

For workouts, you can press the lower right button to launch the Workout utility and then scroll to find your preferred fitness routine. More than 150 sports modes are available in Zepp OS, including board games, combat workouts, driving, and much more. To make things manageable on the watch, you can add, remove, and reorder your most used workout modes for quick access. 

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Amazfit GTS 4: Interface & Features

Looking for the interface, the watch UI looks amazing and simple to use, just like most of the Amazefit watches. It performs smoothly without any lag, offering an excellent overall session. If you are a fitness lover, then this watch is the perfect choice for you. It gives you more than 150+ sports modes and smart recognition of strength training exercises. Moreover, you can also get Smart Recognition of Strength Training Exercises, Smart Recognition of 8 Sports, Live Sports Data Broadcast, and Music Storage & Playback.

Amazfit GTS 4

Amazfit GTS 4 features the most powerful & precise GPS tracking and navigation system. This offers a circularly polarized GPS antenna and a 6-satellite positioning system. Plus, you will get route file import, real-time navigation, track run mode, and smart trajectory mode. Tough, I have been using amazfit smartwatch for the last five years. It is the best smartwatch you can get right now in the market. The watch also offers the Zepp app.

Along with the GoPro and Home connect third-party app, the Amazfit GTS 4 has added an even wider selection of mini-apps, available for download from the Zepp app. Moreover, the watch comes preloaded with basic fitness features like daily activity tracking, continuous heart rate tracking, SpO2 tracking, step tracking, sleep tracking, and many more sports modes. You also get other essential features like weather, alarm, camera control, and stopwatch. When connected to the smartphone, you will get all the calls, messages, and other app notifications directly on your smartwatch. 

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Smartphone software

To experience everything there is to offer with the GTS 4, connect your phone and download and install the Zepp app to your phone. The Zepp app is a very comprehensive application that supports connecting and managing all of your Amazfit products. It is uses for various earbuds, like the PowerBuds I reviewed, as well as other Amazfit wearables, scales, and treadmills.

Three main pages of information are presents within the Zepp app: The home page, Health, and Profile. There is an amazing amount of information, watch settings, and more in this application and I recommend you spend a few hours going through it all and setting it up for your specific needs.

Amazfit GTS 4

The application launches with a home page that can feature up to 17 data cards, These include PAI, sleep, stress and blood oxygen, bodyweight analysis, ECG, and body temperature. Some of this data is not collected by the GTS 4, but can be collected elsewhere and entered manually so that you can track all of your health data in a central location.

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Amazfit GTS 4

The Health page shows several cards, including walking, running, cycling, target settings, and friends. You can also tap these various exercises and then use your phone and the Zepp app to track your activity.

The Profile screen is where you see the status of your devices and can also control and completely manage the specific devices. Your goals, records, friends, third-party connected accounts, and other settings are present here.

There are also some built-in health tips and summary reports, including charts, for the exercise and health data that are interesting and helpful to understanding your health and wellness. You can use some of the tips for motivation to improve your health and it is a comprehensive application.


The watch is amazing and offers so many features, you can’t even imagine. The 150+ sports modes are fantastic and enhance your fitness, while early indications are that the sleep tracking is quite accurate, the battery drains about 10% per day, and Alexa works well. Responses to notifications seem to rely on default messages and have failed. So I need to explore this area of ​​the watch to see how useful notifications will be in day-to-day use. There are tons of watch faces available, but I’m a fan of some pretty default ones. The hardware of the watch is fantastic and I love its size and comfort. That large high-resolution display is highly visible and easy to read.

Alternatives to consider

Apple and Samsung dominate the smartwatch world with wearables that last two to three days. There are other options to the Amazfit GTR 4 that last for a week or more so check these out.

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