Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022)

Best Free Drag Racing Games

Gaming become an essential part of life, and people are obsessed with gaming right now. In this blog, we will discuss the 12 Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android.

Drag gaming means two cars start the race at flash speed from one point, and the first to reach the destination is declared the winner of the race; this is the drag game every gamer loves.

In this list, we put the premium games with lag-free performance and strong built quality. some will be small, some will be large, some will be offline, and for some games, you have to go online. Let’s start looking for the 12 Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android.

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Best Drag Racing Games for Android

CSR 2: Drag Racing Car Game

Best Free Drag Racing Games

CSR 2 is a real driving simulator that delivers hyper-real drag racing to the palm of your hand. It is the 3rd interaction after CSR and CSR Classic. The CSR Racing 2 is a great mobile drag race game experience. More than 5 crore people download this game. That means it has the best graphics and design. As a result, the size of the game is high around 3.5GB. That is why most budget-friendly phones have complained of lagging while playing games.

You can compete with players across the world in your custom-built cars. Including Ferrari SF900 Stradale, McLaren Senna, Bugatti La Voiture Noire, and more. You will also get the huge warehouse garage which features officially licensed vehicles such as Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Toyota Supra Aerotop, and more. One thing that I found pretty epic here is that before buying any car, you get a chance to test drive it.

Not to mention, you must be 13+ to play this car game. CSR Racing 2 is free too play, but it contains items that should be buy for real money. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download CSR 2 here.

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CSR Racing

It is the most demanding game with over 13 Crore plus downloads and it’s a previous version of the CSR 2 game, which we discuss above. The game is super exciting and features over 100 licensed cars, stunning graphics, and addictive gameplay.

Just race with 100 licensed cars from the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers. Such as McLaren, Bugatti, Aston Martin, and Hennessey. Car lovers should, of course, love this game.

In addition, Tune out their trash talk. Beat each boss and be the new king of the streets. You can also boost your race winning with cool custom paint, plates, and decals. Require Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You will be happy to know that this game is available at around 500 MB, so if you have a smartphone that lacks space, you can go for CSR Racing without a second thought. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download CSR Racing here.

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Drag Racing

Best Free Drag Racing Games

Drag Racing is the original nitro-fuel racing game that entices over 10 crore fans around the globe. Race, Tune, Upgrade, and Customize over 50 different car styles from JDM, Europe, or the US.

The company offers limitless car modify options. Which will make your garage unique and stand out. Moreover, you can challenge other players online for race 1 on 1, drive your opponent’s car, or take part in 10-player races in the pro league.  

Although this game is not updated frequently. It is still quite a popular and interesting drag racing game that deserves a try. The company recently added support for Android 11. The 30MB size is acceptable and installed quickly, even if there is very little space on your phone remaining. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Drag Racing here.

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Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing

Not the best and not the average. The 100MB size is quite acceptable and drives 69 cars, beats 20 criminal overloads, and becomes the biggest fish in the city.

You will choose any car you want from an amazing selection of 69 rides. Such as you can ride classic stock cars, offbeat dragsters, and even national police vehicles from 5 different countries. One thing I liked about this game is that despite its small size, its graphics are pretty good, providing a better gaming experience.

The game offers the latest tuning and better alter options. You will get a real-life inspire aircraft carrier to race on and epic arcade mode to enhance your gaming. For a couple of years, the game updated regularly, which improves gaming usability.

Adrenaline gets the most wanted police chases and nice 3D HD visuals. The company recently added a new code redemption option. So, if you are also fond of drag racing, definitely try this mobile drag racing game. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Top Speed here.

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GT Club Drag Racing CSR Car Game

Best Free Drag Racing Games

GT Club drag racing game is quite popular in gaming with a total size of 200MB. After downloading the game, you need to download an extra 45MB of game data. In this, we see around 70 luxury cars that can be free and take part in the race.

GT Club is a car game in the drag racing genre. This means you have to improve your ability to work with gears and accelerators and change gears on time. In addition, tuning and improving your car is also important. Since you will be racing with the best drivers and the best racing cars.

However, the car list is still growing, and also customize your car by painting or using fashionable stickers to make them more stylish. If you have ever experienced racing with no limit, then you’re going to love this car game.

Story mode is also includes in this game, but at the same time, you have to race with 20 different professional drivers. Apart from this, this game offers different varieties of tournaments are seen in it like Free, Stairs, Knockouts, Daily, and Class Specific. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download GT CL Drag Racing here.

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No Limit Drag Racing 2

It is one of the best game you’ve ever play. The OG of drag racing games is back and better than ever. No limit 2.0 has taken all thing to next level, which is offer by the original game. More tuning, better customize, good physics, and better mechanics.

The No limit offer a control over paint, wraps, decals, wheels, and body kits. The car shows offers to compete with other player around the worlds and win the price.

The Online Multiplayer is quite amazing to play, be careful out there though, there are some fast folks in this game. Which neve let you win.

The No limit offer a whole control over the gearing, rev limiter, suspension, fuel, boost, and launch control of the car. Everything in your hand. Moreover, the dyno mode allow you to test changes made and make sure you’re going in the right direction.

To stay at peak performance, make sure you’re constantly testing and tweaking your tune. The Map editor is the recently add with the update, plus they includes a new car, stronger breaks, and Gear info in reply. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download No Limit Drag Racing 2 here.

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Top Speed ​​2: Drag Rivals and Nitro Racing

Best Free Drag Racing Games

Top speed 2 offers all the auto racing emotions you could possibly desire. You can join the world of fast-paced multiplayer races from the makers of Moto Rider GO, Top speed, and Racing Xtreme for free.

The Game offers you a totally new multiplayer mode, you can’t even imagine. You need to choose any car from the amazing selection of 71 of the most desired supercars. But that’s not all. You can get more with future updates.

Furthermore, you can test thousands of tuning and customization options. You also play different racing game modes like story and elite mode. For seamless gaming, they also offer 3 different maps: Highway, Airport, and docks.

In addition, you can have very pretty 3D HD visuals and come with 100+ different car decals. This game allows us to upgrade seven different parts of the cars with thousands of levels. In short, this game is for you if you like to drag race with excellent graphics, lots of cars, and different conditions. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Top Speed ​​2 here.

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CSR Classics

If you’re a lover of modern CSR, then this watch is not for you. The game lacks the latest supercars like Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini.

Still, you can race over 50 of the cars ever made. which are considered to be the best of all time. Including the Shelby Mustang GT500, Ford GT40, Plymouth Super-bird, and other classic models from BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, and Shelby.

So far, we’ve raced a lot with supercars, and there are hundreds of drag racing games that have supercars to race with.

But very few games offer classic cars, and the CSR Classics is one of them. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download CSR Classics here.

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Perfect Shift

Best Free Drag Racing Games

Perfect Shift is a high graphics drag racing mobile game with over 25 unique cars. The game gets super high-quality graphics in stunning 3D urban surroundings with superb sound & light effects

You can alter these cars to a great extent, and even this game allows you to make over the weight and aerodynamics of the vehicles.

In this game, we get a chance to race in 25 different locations like tunnels, city streets, and industrial areas. Which provides us with the best result.

I’ve raced in all the locations in this game and had a great experience. You can also upgrade your engine, turbo, gearbox, and nitro.

Let me tell you that this game has a regular race mode and other exciting game modes like club tournaments, challenging daily competitions, ladders, and time races. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Perfect Shift here.

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Drag Racing: Streets

Best Free Drag Racing Games

The first of its kind and offer a major customized to build the cars of your dreams. The realistic drag mode offers two car race tracks ¼ and ½ miles. Which is nice, if you want to play either you go with ¼ or ½.

The game includes over 150+ racing cars in their showroom, like JDM, muscle cars, old-fashioned, and many other cars. You will always find someone to compete in the game. However, to improvise your game, just promote your league title and build up your influence among other players.

On the contrary, if we talk about upgrading the cars, about 38 parts are allowed to be upgraded with blueprints. It offers a cool painting, use built-in vinyl and arrange them as you want or create a stunning look of your car with the editor. Not only cars but some new tournaments have also been added to it.

Apart from this, I notice that we get the option of automatic and manual gear shifting, which is rarely seen in drag racing games. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Drag Racing: Streets here.

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Pixel Car Racer

Pixel car racer is the ultimate retro arcade racer, featuring the best customization experience. You can build your dream garage with limitless cars.

The size of the game is less than 100 MB, which is fine and comes with more than 100 cars. with which you will be able to race on different racing tracks.

In this game, more than 1000 car parts have been given to upgrade the cars, which you will be able to tune in RPG style. The game also offers RPG-style tuning, Dyno tuning, In-game Livery designer, Burnouts, cloud saving, and more.

The manual gear shifting was amazing, one of the most exciting things about this game, and it also features a Facebook login.

I am not such a big fan of pixel games, but of course, this pixel drag racing game is fantastic in that beautiful pixel art graphics can be seen. The game update frequently with new content and features. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Pixel Car Racer here.

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Underground Crew 2

Best Free Drag Racing Games

The Underground Crew 2 is the only game that offers incredible speed and steering sensations and furious racing. Racing with the police is a different experience; to live the same experience, this game has also given a dedicated game mode.

Once you start to play, you cannot stop! Fasten your seatbelts and take the controls of your extremely powerful car. With improved acceleration, braking, and steering, drift will become your best friend.

Underground Crew 2 is an epic drag racing game that offers different game modes, one of which is COP Smash Mode. However, Underground and Multiplayer modes have also been given.

Sadly, the game offers only 15 cars, which is too low compared to other games in this category or the games we mentioned above. One thing I found fascinating about the game is that despite being small in size, this game comes with 3D graphics.

In this game, you get a chance to race with different racers in different locations and let me tell you that you can upload your score to the world ranking and compete with gamers from all over the world to be at the top. click here to find Best Free Drag Racing Games for Android (2022).

Download Underground Crew 2 here.


These are the 12 Best Free Drag Racing Games, which you can buy from the play store. The games are extremely good and entertain you with their smooth performance.

Generally, the popularity of drag games is faded now, as most mobile gamers are not used to playing drag racing games because, in such games, the gamers have less control of the game.

But still, those who play them will like this list of the best mobile drag racing games. If you are often looking for games on the Google Play Store, indeed, there are many such games in this list that you must have noticed.

By the way, which is your favorite drag racing game? Let me know in the comments.

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