Noise Buds VS204 earbud Review

Noise Buds VS204

In this blog, we will review the Noise Buds VS204 earbuds and want to know whether these earbuds will attract Indian users or not.

People, generally, like to use headphones over earbuds, because it is more comfortable than small tiny little earbuds.

But over time, this ritual has changed and now people tend to use earbuds, However, not just earbuds, wireless earbuds.

If you like in-ear headsets for daily life, then you can consider buying the latest launched Noise Buds VS204.

So, if you are also interested in Noise Buds VS204 earbuds then keep this review going.

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Noise Buds VS204 earbud Review

Noise Buds VS204


  • Massive 50 hours of playtime gives a piece of never-ending music.
  • They are very comfortable to wear, due to which you can also do physical activities with them like workout, running, etc.
  • Environment sound reduction reduces the background noise effectively.
  • 13mm dynamic drivers offer an in-depth and also boosted bass sound.
  • IPX4 water resistance.

Things we like

  • Massive 50 hours of battery capacity
  • stereo sound quality with punchy bass
  • Very lightweight
  • ENC support
  • Easy touch control
  • Ideal design

Things we don’t like

  • Compromised ENC
  • Average water resistance
  • Mic quality could have been better

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What’s in the Box

  • Earbuds
  • Charging case
  • USB Type-C cable
  • Quick Guide

So now that we have seen what you will get in the box of Noise Buds VS204 earbuds?

Let’s move on to its review, but before that, I would like to tell you one thing.

In the box, you will find a user manual card with a QR code on it, which you can scan and read the user manual of this true wireless headphone.

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Noise Buds VS204 earbud Review: Features

Now we will review the Noise Buds VS204 earbuds, where we will talk about each of its features in detail. First, we can discuss the design and also build quality.

Design & Build Quality

With the Noise Buds VS204 TWS earbuds, you are given a very attractive design.

Unlike the Noise Buds VS202, this one offers ear tips to give better comfortability than the predecessor.

They offer a small LED light on the front, which looks good and indicates the charging.

While on the bottom, they place the USB Type-C charging slot for fast charging. The Instacharge technique offers 120 minutes of playtime in just 10 minutes of charge.

Which is surprisingly good for everyday uses.

On the contrary, if you talk about the built quality, they do not give you a premium feel. It’s just average.

The case is made from average quality plastic which is quite good for the price.

Now, jumping to the earbuds.

The earbuds offer a medium-long step, and the branding on them looks good.

Well, I assure you, that it never falls from your ear, unless you have a big ear.

Their build quality is also very good and also makes you feel better.

In addition, the earbuds come with  IPX4 water and dust resistance. Thus, you can carry your earbuds for swimming, running, and also rain.

Overall, the design and build quality of the case of the Noise Buds VS204 is quite decent considering the price.

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The full touch controls on earbuds play as per your commands. So that you are in control, without having to reach for your phone.

Now let’s talk about some of the controls.

You have to tap once on any earbuds for play and pause the feature.

On the contrary, touch and hold the left earbud for 2 seconds to go to the previous tracks.

Also, if you want to switch to the next music, touch and hold the right earbud for 2 seconds to go to the next track

By Holding the right button 2s, you will be able to activate the voice assistant, be it Google Assistant or Siri.

Moreover, Hold the left or right button 3s to power off.

One thing that I didn’t really like about these earbuds is that you don’t get to see the volume control in them which is really a big drawback.

The absence of volume control in any gaming TWS doesn’t justify it at all and then these earbuds also come in a slightly premium price range.

In such a situation, it was very imperative to have volume control.


Noise Buds VS204

The second most important feature of any wireless gaming earbuds is its sound.

You will get to hear very good sounds in these Noise Buds VS204 earbuds.

The earbuds offer 13mm drivers, which give a powerful and immersive music

Though, these earbuds are excellent in every aspect of sound except loudness.

In these, you will also get good bass and good treble but I found the loudness a little less.

Must tell you that I loved the bass of the Buds VS204, looks clear and offer a high-end sound.

Overall, it provides a quite stable sound profile, I assure you won’t regret if you buy this headset.

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Environment Noise-canceling

Algorithm-based ENC ensures that you never Find quiet places amidst loud surroundings while calling.

It is nice but doesn’t take the place of ANC. It is better than the ENC in every expectation.

With ENC, you will get a crystal-clear voice during the voice calls.

However, the ergonomic design gives the earbuds a perfect fit experience. Which is good for canceling passive noise.

In addition, the in-built microphone offers crystal clear bass frequencies

Battery Life & Charging

Now let’s talk about those people who do long music sessions and who also prefer smartphones with big battery life.

With the Noise Buds VS204 earbuds, you will get about Up to 10 hours of battery on a single charge. Which are decent.

Also, the charging case gives you 40 hours of battery life, which means you get a total battery life of 50 hours.

Which is amazing, and a perfect choice for people who travel more.

You will need two hours to fully charge the earbuds and 90 minutes to charge the case.

And for charging, you get a Type-C charging cable with it.

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Fitting & Comfort

In terms of fitting and comfort, the Noise Buds VS204 earbuds perform quite well.

Moreover, these are made for casual daily life usage.

Wearing them, you can enjoy music for a long time without hurting your ears.

With these, you have been given 2 pairs of extra ear tips, which you can use according to the size of your ears.


The Noise Buds VS204 earbuds are built on the latest Bluetooth version 5.3. So that you can easily connect them to any smart device.

It is smooth and did not face any problems in connectivity.

However, the earbuds also offer SBC/AAC Bluetooth audio codec support. Which is good with the price.

In some TWS I have seen the problem that they get disconnected intermittently and then reconnect automatically.

And such problems are quite common in wireless gears.

However, since I started using them, I have not seen any such problem till now.

But if you face any such problem with these gaming TWS then please do tell me in the comments.

Good For

  • Those looking for TWS for daily purpose
  • Those who like a good mic and sound quality
  • Who has a good budget options
  • Who are attracted by the design
  • Those who want a lightweight TWS

Not Good For

  • Those looking for cheap TWS
  • Those who need volume control
  • Who are looking for a TWS that is good at music quality

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BT Supported ProfileSBC, AAC
BatteryTotal 50 hours
Charging time2hrs
Environmental Noise ReductionYes
Water resistanceIPX4
Weight4.2 grams per earbud

Noise Buds VS204 earbud Review: Conclusion

If I look at the Noise Buds VS204earbuds according to their price, then I find it worth it.

The features it has are good and useful too.

And all the features will definitely help to create the best sound profile.

Although the lack of volume control is a bit disappointing, but if you look at the rest of the features, it can be considered accordingly.

Additionally, these Noise Buds VS204 earbuds also offer a stunning four different color variants. Such as, Mint Green, Space Blue, Jet Black, and Snow White. Which is a good thing.

So in my way of thinking, the Buds VS204 earbuds are considered the best TWS to buy.

Well, how did you like it?

Do share your thoughts in the comment box.

I’m waiting for your response.

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Noise Buds VS204 earbud Review: FAQ’s

How to pair Buds VS204 with your smartphone?

Before starting, make sure that the earbuds are charged.

Open the charging case. Turn on the BT on your device and open the BT menu.

Now select Add device and also from the list of devices, select Noise Buds VS204.

However, your Noise Buds VS204 earbuds are now paired and ready to use.

Note: Buds VS204 will automatically connect to the last paired device as soon as you open the case.

How to reset Buds VS204?

Before resetting, ensure that the earbuds and the case are charged fully.

On your paired devices, remove/delete Noise Buds VS204 from the list of paired devices in the BT menu.

Take out the earbuds from the charging case and Tap the earbuds 6 times.

However, the earbuds will blink n white 5 times indicating that they have been reset.

Place both earbuds inside the charging case and repeat the pairing process.

Why should you choose the Buds VS204?

The Buds VS204 come with a ton of audio features that can take daily listening to the next level.

Offering 10 hours of non-stop playtime on a single charge, the earbuds are your go-to choice for prolonged immersion.

Moreover, the charging case combined with the earbuds take the total runtime up to 50 hours for multiple days of entertainment.

Fast charging via InstachargeTM makes it so that you get up to 120 mins of playtime in just 10 mins of charging.

You can enjoy rich and bold audio on its powerful 13mm speaker driver.

ESRTM ensures that you have a clear and distraction-free calling experience wherever you are.

Connect instantly to your last paired device with the addition of Hyper SyncTM.

An IPX4 resistance ensures that your earbuds stay protected from sudden splashes, dust & moisture.

Make the most of consistent, also lag-free connectivity with BT 5.3.

Available in 4 shades of Jet black, Space blue, Mint green & Snow white, opt for the one that goes best with your daily style.

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