JBL Live 660NC Review

JBL Live 660NC

Reviewing Bluetooth headphones is never a simple thing, as there are many features to take into consideration, and above all, they do not have the same weight for everyone. Let’s review JBL concisely live 660NC different sections so that you know what you can find without wasting time!

Things We Like

  • Massive Battery
  • Quick charge
  • ANC Support

Things We don’t Like

  • Poor Build Quality
  • No Water resistance
  • None

Price and Availability

If we think that JBL Live 660NC cost Rs13,299 but are also available for less on offer, or used.

I took them, to be precise, ‘used like new’, and what can I say… really like new! Saving without giving up anything except the pleasure of being the first and only one to have heard them…If you want to buy then go to Amazon. in

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Box Content

JBL Live 660NC
  • Headphone
  • USB Type-C cable
  • User Guide

JBL Live 660NC Review: Design or Build Quality

Moving on to the build quality, there’s not much to say… they don’t drive me crazy, in the sense that usually using Bang & Olufsen and Sennheiser I don’t find them particularly ‘beautiful’ or ‘premium’, the padding of the headband is well done, comfortable, and covered with a fabric that gives the idea of ​​being durable and robust. The part of the bow that stretches to adjust them is made of plastic but enclosed in two metal strips, it also has dry and precise clicks, and is not too tight.

The covering material of the pavilions, whose padding is soft and comfortable enough, I doubt it’s real leather, in any case, it is a very thin layer to the touch, which I hope does not tend to peel off over time. So far, it’s holding up quietly with no signs of wear.

If you go to the gym don’t think they are refreshing, every over-ear headphones make you sweat, on the other hand, there is no perspiration as a result the ear sweats. This does not happen in static situations where there is no physical effort or conditions that cause sweating.

The plastics used are of excellent quality and adequate thickness.


Headphones tend to fit quite tightly on the ears. Not that it is excessively annoying or painful, but let’s say that you will hardly forget that you are wearing them.

Furthermore, the pavilions are quite small, I have medium-sized ears, and let’s say that they are fully covered, but with a little attention, otherwise there is a risk that the headset will press on the lobe. Not that it’s annoying, also because the padding is soft and well-made.

On the other hand, they are light and robust.

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JBL Live 660NC Review: Audio quality:

JBL Live 660NC

This, as an audiophile, is the only parameter that makes me choose a pair of headphones, or any other pleasant object intended to reproduce Music.

Let’s start with the volume, these JBLs have a slightly lower volume than other headphones I own (e.g. the Momentum3), but not as low as the B&O Beoplay 7. You will simply find yourself setting a higher volume level than usual. Unfortunately, when it happens that you let yourself be carry away by the moment and the song and you want to ‘turn it full throttle. You don’t reach the levels of other headphones and you are a bit… disappointed.

They are sporadic cases (also because I would have been deaf for a long time otherwise), but it can happen, especially outdoors and with the transparency mode active, of not being able to enjoy the guitar solo or comfortably numb, breaking one’s eardrums.

In short, quantitatively they are good, but they are not excellent.

Qualitatively they are so good, BUT…

Attention, as standard these headphones are set by JBL with their classic frequency response curve, basically they start to drop from 2 kHz, in a constant and accentuated way than from 10khz upwards.

So they play decidedly well, with excellent bass, perhaps not very deep but tense and dynamic, decidedly satisfying, present and clearly perceptible in all the songs, but without ever exaggerating. The mids are well present and cohesive with the basses, and male voices or saxophones are rendered very well, with a good body and rich in harmonics. The highs, provided you follow the equalization advice above, shine and refine, never being intrusive and annoying, rather illuminating and chiseling.

In short, they sound good, even very good.

Active noise cancellation:

It works decently, it takes away a lot of what surrounds us, but some frequencies or some sounds, such as speech, are much less attenuated than the low frequencies of an engine, say.

There are headphones that, from this point of view, are certainly better.

I only use the ANC at home when I dedicate myself to “busy” listening, but for that I use other headphones, I took these to use them outside, for a walk with the dog, for example. And on the street I prefer the transparency mode, I really don’t think about isolating myself totally from the outside while crossing the street.

Passive isolation is very good.

Transparency Mode:

It works well, but not great. It is very sensitive to wind, picking it up and sending it back to you through your headphones, often almost completely drowning out the music. But if you don’t live in Trieste you shouldn’t have insurmountable problems, but bear in mind. Furthermore, the microphone is located in a somewhat unfortunate point, with some jackets it happens that it rubs on the high and rigid neck of the same when you move, and here too we find this noise in the headphones.

Not that the situation is tragic, of course, but they are things that I have noticed and I report them, I would buy these headphones again even knowing it in advance (indeed almost everyone had talked about the wind).


God only knows why JBL decided to place the microphones in those bad positions, two backward and one (for voice) that will literally be eaten by the wind if you’re on a bike or on a busy day.

For the rest, if you are indoors, sitting, playing PC games, in the office or in other static or indoors situations: It works well.

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JBL Live 660NC Review: Connectivity

JBL Live 660NC
  •  Allows you to effortlessly switch from one Bluetooth device to another. You can simply switch from a video on your tablet to a call on your mobile phone so that you’ll never miss a call.
  • GOOGLE FAST PAIR: The Fast Pair Technology enabled by Google connects the JBL Live 660NC immediately with your Android Mobile device.

JBL Live 660NC Review: Battery:

Virtually infinite! I use them a couple of hours a day, not every day, and I can’t remember the last time I charged them. They also have a fast charge that allows you to have over 2 hours of operation by charging them for 10 minutes. From this point of view, they are really excellent. Listen wirelessly for up to 40 hours with Smart Adaptive Noise Cancellation or up to 50 hours without Noise Cancellation for long-lasting fun. Stop for a quick 10-minute charge to get extra 4 hours of fun or enjoy endlessly in wired mode using the detachable cable provided.


Well at these figures I can’t think of anything that can compete with these JBL Live 660NC on a purely musical level, but also in terms of build quality, we are at very high levels for this price range, without considering the record-breaking battery life or almost. In short, there are a lot of reasons to buy them, and very few (small) defects.

If you decide to take them, especially to use them on the move, plan a hard case, the bag in the package is little more than an aesthetic tribute, but does not offer any type of protection.

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