JLab Go Air Sport Review: Super-affordable gym-friendly earphones

JLab Go Air Sport

Do you need a pair of headphones to go running or to the gym, but you want to spend little? Well, these in the description could be a solution, but in terms of sound JLab Go Air Sport headphones need to be reviewed from all points of view.

Things we like

  • Low cost
  • Premium sound
  • Massive Battery
  • Water resistance

Things we don’t like

  • Short charging cable length
  • Finicky controls on the ears
  • None
  • None

Price and Availability

They cost just under $22.50 and at this price I could endorse at least 10 pairs of headphones that sound better. But aren’t sweat resistant and above all don’t have a headband that keeps them in place even in the most extreme conditions. You can also buy this from Amazon.

Box Content

Even the packaging – made of very stable cardboard – cuts a fine figure and promises high quality. The case is matt, feels very comfortable in the hand and gives a solid impression. The clasp is firm, but still easy to open. The case has presented itself and the headphones are following suit – here, too, high-quality workmanship was used. There is also a charging cable but unfortunately no power supply unit – that would have rounded off the scope of delivery perfectly.

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JLab Go Air Sport Review: Design

JLab Go Air Sport

The design of these headphones is like many headphones that are also intended for use during sports. They have ergonomic ear hooks, which are wilful to ensure that the headphones are securely in place. This design has its advantages and advocates, but it is not for everyone – for example, these headphones do not really sit optimally on me and sometimes have a slightly annoying effect when my head moves… but within a very tolerable range, especially since they are quite secure and also should not fall out during very violent movements. The charging case is also looks okay, but not really earth-shattering, which you shouldn’t expect for the reasonable price.

On an aesthetic level these headphones are not beautiful, but not too ugly either. They have a headband that helps keep them from coming out of the ear while playing sports. The charging case is large, yet light enough. On the back of the case is the cable with USB termination for recharging it.

With the four differently sized silicone ear pads, the headphones can be optimally adjusted to any size. Once the perfect cushion has been found, the headphones fit like one and completely block out any external noise. Even at a low volume, you no longer hear any ambient noise. The interchangeable tips are securely attach to the earphone, there is no risk that the tip will come off and remain in the bottom of the ear.

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JLab Go Air Sport Review: Sound Quality

What is immediately noticeable is the absence of bass. When playing any type of music it is always flat, medium without bass but also with non-crystalline highs and never acute. The volume is also quite low (even when set to maximum) and when I use them at the gym, I hear the music played through the speakers rather than listening to the music on the headphones.

Thanks to the not exaggerated volume, there are no problems of signal distortions or strange or unwanted crackles.

The ultimate goal is use in humid and “extreme” conditions, rather than noteworthy musical quality. I can tell you that I have been using them for several days. Even in the rain and I must say that at the moment they are not giving me any problems with durability. The feeling is that they are last foreover.

Unfortunately they don’t sound good, there is no bass and in general they didn’t excite me at all.


During phone calls the microphone can be put in difficulty. When I am outdoors in an urban environment or if it is windy. My interlocutor in a noisy professional environment does not hear me loud enough. In these situations the person appreciates that I improve communication by talking directly on the cell phone without headphones.

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JLab Go Air Sport Review: Battery

JLab Go Air Sport

As for the battery, after a few hours of use I still have the shell at 70% of residual charge. The maximum listening obtained with earphones instead in my case is about two hours listening to music continuously.

JLab Go Air Sport Review: Connectivity

The connection with the mobile phone is very simple and fast. In fact these Go Air Sport is come with Bluetooth 5 connection. Which, in addition to consuming very little battery, guarantees a stable and fast connection. Furthermore, these earphones can also be use only one at a time. Because they do not have a master and a slave. So you can choose to wear only one of the two earphones and this will work great even without the other. Mind if we wear both, at that point we will have a perfect coupling and the audio will be reproduce in stereo.

Since we are dealing with the topic, before moving on to sound quality, I will tell you about the connection maintenance test that I did. I put my headphones on, put my phone on music, left it on my desk and walked away. The connection stability is good because I walk away, leaving the office and walking in the corridors of the company up to about 7/8 meters away and until the moment they disconnecte the music was play without experiencing any problems. The goodness of the BT 5 connection is also noticeable if we wear earphones while playing a video on the phone; connection lag is imperceptible, there is no latency between devices, and video and audio are in perfect sync. The connection speed is also good, in fact, it takes place in less time than it takes to insert the headset into the ear.


In short, I don’t feel like recommending them to you but if you have to use them only to play sports, then think about it.

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