Logitech G432 Review: 7.1 Surround Sound Wired Gaming Headset 

When I first received my Logitech G432 headphones and plugged them in, I have to be honest, my first impressions weren’t great as I wasn’t impressed with the sound quality at all. I finally managed to get it to a state where I’m happy with it, but it took me a bit of work…

They are black, with some details in blue, a sober design but very well done. It is ideal for those players who do not like strange lights or strident colors. I personally liked them, you also have to consider that if you do not have a system of lights the price of the headset is cheaper and they can give us a headset with better features for a lower price.

Things we like

  • Super tight price
  • Super comfortable
  • Very versatile. PC, Switch, PS4,…
  • Sound more than acceptable.
  • Insulate well from the outside.

Things we don’t like

  • To get the most out of sound quality on PC you have to install your program (the improvement is noticeable a lot)
  • It lacks a little volume for my taste
  • None

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Price and Availability

Logitech G432 comes with a Black color variant and it is price $34.99. You can buy this from company’s official website logitechg.com.

Box Content

Logitech G432

The package included: headphones with built-in microphone and cord, a 3.5 mm jack to dual 3.5 mm jack adapter (for microphone and audio), a 3.5 mm jack to USB 2.0 adapter, the booklet in all possible languages ​​imaginable for the correct use of the product, a sticker, the leaflet for downloading the headset adjustment software and the instruction manual that can always be downloaded. Attached to the review are photos of how everything looked when the package was opened.

Logitech G432 Review: Design and Build

Logitech G432 headphones weigh 288g, they look heavy but they are actually very light compare to many headphones we tried before. It is possible to notice this by wearing them, especially after long hours of uninterrupted use. The lining of the ear pads, on the inside, the one placed to protect the 50 mm drivers. It is a very thin fabric with micro holes. While the lining of the pads that rest around the ears and under the headband that rests on the head. It is made of deluxe imitation leather, which does not overheat the ears during prolonge use, especially in summer.

The rest of the outer shell materials of the headphones are soft plastic. Also an aluminum strip appears when you adjust the headphones vertically depending on the size of your head. The pavilions rotate 90° giving the possibility to flatten the headphones and store them comfortably without taking up too much space as well as a better adaptation to the shape of the head; to this is add a vertical inclination of a few degrees. The extension between the headband that rests on the head. And the pavilion is manually adjustable for a height of about 5 cm.

The bow that rests on the head is flexible, so much so that you can open the headphones almost horizontally and close them by touching the 2 pavilions (or ear cups), and it is possible to twist it; the elasticity allows the headphones not to put too much pressure around the ears, obviously if the headphones are well adjusted.

The ear cups of the G432 also somehow sit tighter in the bracket mount. Which can be heard as a clear creaking with every movement, especially at the currently very warm temperatures. Probably due to thermal expansion.

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Logitech G432 Review: Connectivity

Logitech G432

First of all, I would recommend avoiding aux cables and using the USB adapter whenever possible, as this is a rather disappointing stereo headset otherwise. By connecting headphones directly to the jack input, it is very difficult for the device to recognize and take full advantage of the 7.1 surround driver. I connected the headphones to the PC via a USB adapter and they were ready for normal use; through a program downloaded from the site, I was able to configure the power of the various Hz to my liking via the mixer (from +12 Db to -12 Db). If you are not expert enough there are various profiles already configured depending on the use you make (e.g. if you play COD Warzone, there is a specific preset profile, or if you want to watch a movie, listen to music, etc. ..).

Logitech G432 Review: Sound

Logitech G432

They do not weigh too much but they are not super light either. The audio quality is normal, I would not recommend it for music lovers even if you listen to it in 128kbps mp3. It does not have strong bass and the sound is somewhat metallic. The 7.1 system With its software and connected by USB it works without further ado. It is not a panacea either, but the sounds that come from behind are great.

The 7.1 surround sound features are essential if you want to get the most out of the G432. But they only work if you use the USB adapter and download Logitech’s G Hub software.

However, installing G Hub wasn’t enough to get the headphones working the way I wanted them to. After turning on surround sound in G Hub, it offers a variety of equalizer presets to choose from. But none of them sound quite right to me, so I had to spend some time setting up a custom equalizer and only then was I able to get the sound quality you want.

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The noise cancellation seems much better than my Sennheiser, with less audio leakage if other people are in the same room.


Unfortunately, my problems with the headphone setup didn’t end there. As the microphone was not picking up any sound while using the USB adapter. So I had to do a Google search to fix the problem (judging by the number of results, it’s a common problem) and it took me a while to dig around in the Control Panel, trying various settings and options before I was finally able to get the microphone to work through the USB adapter. I haven’t tested the mic extensively, but it seems pretty high quality, and the mute feature is very convenient.

The 6mm microphone of the G432 delivers a significantly poorer sound compared to the 5mm microphone of the G430 in the TS, subjectively felt by others. The Logitech Gaming Software, which was previously use to easily configure the G430. Which also controls my G513 keyboard and G403 mouse, does not recognize the G432. The new control software available for the G432 on the Logitech website is officially still beta, destroys the entire sound settings in Windows and cannot control the keyboard. In a word garbage.

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And what grade do you give it? Do you recommend it?

These two questions are what we all ask ourselves when we buy any device. And the answer is always the same: IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU USE IT FOR AND WHAT YOUR EXPECTATIONS ARE. These are mid-range gamer helmets. Logically, being a brand, in this case Logitech, they have a very good quality. The audio is quite good for its price. However, it is noticeable that for Logitech to have offered such a moderate price. It has cut back on other aspects such as lighting, etc. If what you are looking for are normal headphones, to play with the PC or the console they are an option to take into account. If you can spend a little more, logically there are better options. I put below what their strengths and weaknesses are to help you decide.

Overall, I’m happy with my G432s, and I hope they’ll last me a few years. But it’s hard to say if I’d recommend them, given the number of hurdles I had to overcome to get them to work the way I wanted them to. It’s definitely not the best option for less tech-savvy users. But if you have the patience and know-how to set it up correctly. I think the G432 is a decent headset for its price range.

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